Vibrating Sacred Names, Mantras, or Words

Many people have been asking me..... How do you Vibrate a word or name like the Sacred Names of God in the "Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram" LBRP or Middle Pillar Ritual and other Rituals? Well, it is quite easy. To put it simple... you stretch the name out, making it much longer. For Example: The name "Puzuzu"... let's vibrate it now.... PuuuuuuuZZZuuuuuuuuuZZZuuuuuuu. You are mainly stretching out the vows of the word or name. Remember... you should be exhaling when vibrating a name or word. Yes sometimes you may run out of air with a longer name, but with practice you will be able to use much more breath. Now let's take one of many Sacred names of God..... "Agla" now we'll vibrate it..... AAAAAAAhhhh-Glaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. When you vibrate that name... try to feel it permeate your entire being and try to send it out into the Universe. Imagine it carrying out the vibration across the galaxy to God himself. Feel it vibrate all the parts of your body. And of coarse let us not forget the most well know word/Mantra to Chant and Vibrate... "Om". Om is the sound used to represent God. It is the vibration of the Universe. Use the Om Manta at the bining of your meditations.... Oooooooooooommmmm. You must understand that certain words or names have Power when used correctly, with the proper tonal qualities and pitch and it attracts energies of the beings that are associated with them. When vibrating names of God... you are calling out to him and asking his Divine Presence to descend upon you. After much Practice you will feel his power as you vibrate his name. For it is the Power of the spoken word. Sort of a Hotline to the Gods and their Hierarchy. There are many Names of God that can be used to vibrate.... it all depend on whom you wish to invoke. Also... it does not have to be a name of God. It can be a word such as "Om" which means, the Divine which manifests in all that is. It is the beginning and the end... the Alpha and the Omega. Now for you perfectionists out there.... yes there are other more complex ways to vibrate names and words. I am simply giving the basics to those who are in the beginning stages of learning.... to help them get started on Path to enlightenment. To help them Invoke God so he may hear their needs. One last word of advice.... Always treat names of God with respect, for God is a Hierarchy of many beings that make up the whole and he will come when properly called upon and he will cast down those whom do not give respect.
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