Unconditional Love

First many of you might ask why I am even doing a page on this subject. The reason is because the one thing that can bring you closer to your Ascension is “unconditional love”. Most of you have truly forgotten why you are here. You are all wrapped up in learning Magic yet forgetting the main principles of the Universe. For many years I got tired of hearing the Ascended Masters and Angels telling me about Love and Light. I wanted to hear about more deep Occult facts. This is one Occult secret that I did not understand when it came to my reality and how it manifests for me. So I thought they were just feeding me crap and withholding the real hard core facts. The truth is… I was still blind even though I was being told something of great essence. There is nothing more important in the whole universe. For your thoughts and actions towards others will reflect back into your life. The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance. Unconditional Love. Exactly what does that mean? It means loving someone unconditionally with no judgment or conditions placed upon that person. It is usually used to describe friends or family members and how you still love them even when they do stupid things. It means that you accept them for all their actions and their beliefs no matter what they may be. It means that you view that person as Christ or any of the other Ascended Masters would, for this is the Divine creator’s true love for mankind. The perfect example is a Dog and his owner. The dog is the one with unconditional love… not the owner. In most cases… a dog will love its owner no matter how the dog is treated. This is a trait that your rarely find in humans. When we get married, we are supposed to have unconditional love for our partner in life. You know, we have all taken the vows in which we will truly break, “For Better or Worse”. Yes, those vows are a joke. Don’t get mad at me for saying this. I simply state things as they truly are, for it is mankind that makes these vows a joke. The only people who held true to these vows were probably our parents who had more morals than people these days. Everyone these days sets conditions for their love of someone. It’s like this...“I love you but… blah, blah, blah”. Unconditional love is also to be placed upon ourselves as well as others. We must love ourselves unconditionally no matter how overweight or how bad we think we look. Do not look in the mirror and say “God I hate the way I look”. By doing this you’re attracting negative vibrations to you only causing more chaos in your life and preventing you from being the beautiful person that you truly are. When we do not love ourselves, we have an even harder time finding love. We must first love ourselves for who we are as a child of the Divine God. Then we may seek out a love partner. Now unconditional love is probably one the hardest things in life to master. I used to think that clearing the mind was the hardest thing to do as it is for most people when meditating. But clearing the mind is a cakewalk compared to learning and mastering unconditional love. I don’t think that anyone of you reading this could truly have unconditional love for all living things for even one day of your life. Understand that you will never fully Ascend to the 7th Dimension until you have mastered this trait. Don’t get mad at me for saying this. I myself have a long way to go in mastering this. There are many things that come into play in our world that keep us from mastering this. • Anger: Anger that we carry toward others keeps us from loving them unconditionally. This anger may stem from something bad that they may have done to us or to one of our family members or friends. It may manifest from watching the news and hearing the constant lies that our politicians are spewing forth from their tongues as they get richer and we get poorer. Perhaps it is your neighbor who does not keep his house or lawn looking nice. So don’t get angry. Simply pray that they shall be blessed and shown the path of Truth and Light. • Politics: Politics create a major division amongst the masses. It creates extreme anger. Here in America, we have 2 main parties, Democrats and Republicans. Take a moment to think about this. We have each party hating the other for their ideas, beliefs and actions. Good God, just watch the Damn news and that is enough to fill you with hatred towards the other party as the newscasters sling negativity to you in mass doses. I am telling you people, this is all part of the “Control System” to keep you enslaved to the material world thru negativity and hate. Thus, you will never Ascend. You will continue to be a slave to the 3rd Dimension. It is you who will then continue to live in the Hell on Earth. Wake up people, can’t you truly see this “Division”…? Take your damn blinders off people. I have told this to my friends but they are so blinded and brainwashed that they will not see the Light in this lifetime. It is time for you all to become an “independent” politically and come together as a nation. The people in the opposite party are in the same boat as you and you are letting the darker powers separate you and fill you with hate. • Religion: Ah yes, religion. Religion is supposed to be about God and love. But it is more about fear and hatred towards those who do not believe. Religion is a “Control System” for the masses and once again creating “Divide”. The Catholics think the Baptists are going to Hell and vice versa. The Islamics also fight amongst their selves and the different factions of the ethnic cultures in the Middle East not to mention their hate towards Christians. This goes to say for the Christians also that think the people of Islam are going to Hell. Both of the Religions thru history have killed in the name of God…. WTF! The only Religion that understands and practices unconditional love is Buddhism. This is the only truly peaceful loving religion on this earthly plane. I am not saying convert to their Religion. You do not need Religion to be a “Divine Being”. You already are a child of God. You need unconditional love and a Body of Light! • Gender Discrimination: This new cycle we are in is now of the Feminine energies. Time for the world leaders to drop the testosterone and come together in a loving peaceful manner. But understand that most of these powers are extremely afraid of the feminine power and it has been this way for centuries. The powers of this material world are frightened by the “Goddess” aspect. They do all they can to squash this concept. Even in the Bible. Notice that it always says “our Father who art in Heaven”…? The Bible does not recognize the feminine aspect of God. It should say “our Father Mother God who art in Heaven”. Once again this creates divide. Men love women, but do not love them as their equal. Then we have Hollywood, which is extremely afraid of a woman President. This is due to their worship of Satan and Draconian ways. I myself have no problem with a woman being my Boss or my President. I view women as my equal. Once again. men you need to understand that you have been a woman in another life and probably will be again. Drop the ego and the testosterone. You will never truly ascend until you can find the inner Goddess energy within yourself. This has nothing to do with acting like a girl. It has to do with energies. • Racism: “I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word”. Those are the words of Martin Luther King. Racism once again creates divide. Some of you might not agree with what I am about to say… but I speak the truth. It is time for people to stop playing the “Race Card”. We have a black President. Yet when people don’t agree with things he does or says, they are called racist. Get real people. Remember at the end of the Bush Presidency so many people hated him.... were they Racist..? No, they simply did not agree with his policies and actions. It is the white actors of Hollywood who play the “Race Card” the most. Hollywood will stop at nothing to have their way in politics. This is Hollywood using the race card in a wrong way. They love to call the Tea Party activist racist people. I am not a part of the Tea Party but I do know they are not racists. They are simply people fed up with the corruption and greed of our government. We also have Eric Hold head of the Department of Justice who is now playing the “Race Card” because he is in hot water from the failed ATF operation "Fast & Furious. He claims he knew nothing about this operation of selling thousands of guns to Drug Cartels in Mexico. Yet he is the boss of the ATF. So used the Race Card to get himself out of trouble. I don't care what the Hell color his skin is... he needs to step up and be a man by telling the truth. Understand that there will always be racism because of ignorant people. The funny thing is... I myself have lived 1,048 lives and have been every race and gender known to mankind. So when I see people in the Middle East who despise Americans, I think back to when I lived there in other lives and how I loved those lifetimes. This is one of the problems with racism is that people who hate other races don’t understand they have been those races in other lives. This is due to the mainstream Religions that do not teach Reincarnation. Once again this is the “Control System” enslaving you to ignorance and the material work holding back your Divine birthright. • Forgiveness: Most of us are not truly forgiving. We get hurt by someone and eventually we say we forgive them for what they have done. But in our hearts and mind there is that hate and despise for this person that still lingers. No matter what someone has done to us… we must learn to truly forgive lest we carry around that lead weight on our backs. Once again, this locks us into the material world keeping us from our true Divine self and the Ascension process. . I myself am have been truly guilty of this and only in the last couple years have I come to almost master this law of forgiveness and letting go. Trust me when I tell you that when you have truly forgiven someone and I mean truly… it is like a hostage being freed from his captors. It is like you are a new person. So now I ask you all to go forth and truly master this task of unconditional love. Yes, it will take some time, but it can be done. To say that you cannot do this is to say that you are a lesser person. Do you want to be stuck in the 3rd Dimensional world of chaos…? Then it is time for you to step up to the plate and take your blinders off. Remove yourself from the matrix and move into the Light. The world is moving into the 4th Dimension as I speak and some of us like myself who have been diligently working on building our Bodies of Light are now operating on the 5th and 6th Dimension. But I still have to completely master unconditional love… my hardest task at hand. Unconditional Love expects no reward, knows no fear, and does not demand. This Universal language just shares Love and Peace and can be understood in the whole of the Universe.
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