How to make a Talisman
What is a Talisman...? A Talisman is an object which has been charged and consecrated with magical energies. A Talisman gives the power of a particular energy source to the Magician. Such as the power of Jupiter for wealth and prosperity or Venus for love, passion, sex, conception or promoting concord. It is normally a metallic object with Seals or Sigils of a particular planet and the spirits associated with that planet engraved upon it. You can purchase many Talismans online or at your local metaphysical shops and then consecrate and charge them. However, I suggest that you give it more power by designing it yourself to your own liking. 1. First you need to decide what it is that you wish to attract to you in your life.     2. Then you will need to do some research as to what Planet is associated with that which you desire to attract.     3. You need to research the Grimoires to find the proper Sigils or Seals of that planet and the Spirits associated with it.     4. You need to find the proper metal that is to be used to make your Talisman.     5. You will need to design your Talisman using Adobe Illustrator. This way you can take it to your local engraving shop as they usually prefer the file you give them to be that of AI,     6. Find a local shop that does engraving. I suggest that you seek out a Trophy shop, as they always do engraving For this lesson, I am going to use an example of a Talisman that I personally designed. This Talisman is for the powers of Jupiter to bring in wealth and prosperity. There are several Seals of Jupiter that can be used from different Grimoires, but I have chosen the Seals from "The Magus" a Complete System of Occult Philosophy by Francis Barrett. This illustration shows the front and back of the Magical Seal of Jupiter.
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Now let us examine the symbols upon the Seal of Jupiter... On the front we have the Planetary Table for Jupiter which has 4 rows and 4 columns (16 squares total). The sum of these numbers added up equal 136. We also have the symbol for the main Seal of Jupiter and the symbol for the Intelligence of Jupiter. Above the table is the Hebrew name El Ab which is a Divine name of Jupiter. To the right of the Planetary Table we have the Hebrew name Aba which is a Divine name of Jupiter. To right on the outer ring is the Hebrew name Johphiel, the intelligence of Jupiter, his number is 136 which appears at the bottom of the outer ring. You will also see the astronomical symbol for Jupiter, pictured below. It has been described as a stylized number four, an artistic rendition of Jupiter’s thunder bolt, an eagle, and the letter zeta which is the Greek letter Z for Zeus. Zeus is Jupiter’s namesake in Greek mythology.
Here is another illustration that shows the Planetary Table and the symbols associated with Jupiter.
Now that we have all the symbols we need for our Jupiter Talisman, we can now design it to our own liking. Remember this information in the Occult Grimoires can be changed up to our own way of thinking. 1st of all the Talisman does not have to be round in shape as most are. You can also add in other symbols and words that resonate with the planet Jupiter and its energies. I searched the internet to find someone who made pure silver dog tags which were blank and that is the shape I chose, since I would be wearing this everywhere I go. Yes, it would have been even better to find ones that were made on the proper day and hour of Jupiter, but I decided that I would have mine engraved on the proper day and hour of Jupiter and then Charged and Consecrated on the proper day and hour. I paid extra money to the trophy shop who engraved mine, to do it on a Thursday (the day of Jupiter) and at particular hour of Jupiter. For more on the proper days and hours, I will refer you to this page my page on Planetary Days and Hours. I have also added the Latin words , "Confirmo, Deus Potentissimus", which means "Make me, Oh God, all- Powerful".
Once you have your Talisman made, it is time to empower it with the energies of Jupiter. I will refer you to my page entitled... Consecrating and Charging a Talisman. So now you see that you do not have to follow the standard round shape of a Talisman. It can be triangle shaped, square or any shape you so desire. What is important is that you use the proper metal, what you inscribe upon it and how well you empower it with the proper energies.
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