The Roman Death Cult 
By Guest Writer: Veivos Naiadras Some things need to be made clear here before one can begin to define what the Institution of the Roman  Catholic Church really is. This is not meant in any way to attack Catholics or to sway anyone from any particular belief  system or dogma that they may choose to live by. However, I will be discussing what I have come to see as nothing more  than a Roman Death Cult that has taken the teachings of the Master and perverted them for their own selfish motives.  These “they” that I speak of are the Fools of Reason, a title that has been given to me by the high God Horus. These are  the ones who cling to Institutions for their own sense of spiritual fulfillment. But more so these are the individuals who  founded an entire religion (really a cult) on the concept of death and human sacrifice.   Ask any Catholic and they will tell you that the core teaching of their faith is the Eucharist. So what exactly is  the Eucharist and where does it really come from? The Eucharist or communion, according the Roman Cult, is the body  and blood of Jesus Christ after bread and wine have been ceremonially consecrated and transformed, an act they call  transubstantiation. Sound familiar? It should. It is the exact same meaning as the word transmutation. The Eucharist is  nothing more than Alchemical Ritual Magick which, by the way, is actually not anything close to the True teachings of  Alchemy, which is far more a practical system of life changes rather than a ritualistic system. But where exactly does the  idea of basically eating a God come from? Well the Cults of both Isis and Dionysus, as well as many other mystery cults  of the Roman Empire at the time the church began to take form, all used different forms of communion that is no different  than the Eucharist. Why do they use it? Well it’s pretty obvious that Emperor Constantine would have better luck making  Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire if he borrowed certain customs from the pagan world. Indeed there  are many Christian holidays and traditions that were essentially plagiarized from the pagans, which I am sure many are  aware of. At least I hope. But where does this really come from? Well, in ancient times, especially Ancient Egypt, there  were certain mystery schools which were involved in various mushroom cults. The word “entheogen” literally means “god  eating.” These initiates consumed the sacred fungus, or what we would refer to today as magic mushrooms. They looked  at it as consuming the flesh of the gods. In fact some have hypothesized the cross symbol of the Ankh may actually  represent the sacred fungus. And the ritual consumption of entheogens goes back even further than that to shamanic  cultures that have existed pretty much since the dawn of Man.   But what does all this have to do with the Catholic church being a Roman Death Cult? The entire mass is a  preparation for a mock human sacrifice, although most devout Catholics consider every mass to be a celebration of  Christ’s death and resurrection. Well, they don’t focus on the resurrection part too much. They even call Christ (the Lamb  of God) the sacrificial victim and say that he is blameless and pure and hence a worthy sacrifice to the Father. Side note,  the sacrifice was actually demanded by Yahweh, not the true God. Christ became Yahweh on the cross because he knew  that it was the only way he could destroy the demiurge. But Yahweh lives on in the hearts of men and so you see these  Catholics literally worshiping Death. The Rite of the Eucharist is full of little phrases all focusing on the sacrifice that is  about to be performed by the priest.   But it really doesn’t stop there. Ever notice that Catholics are always the first to say that they are pro-life and  yet most of them support the so called war on terror and many of them support the bombing and air strikes done by our  government on innocent civilians? How can you be pro-life and in support of war? It’s hypocrisy. Not to mention the actual  real and grisly ritual human sacrifice that takes place directly below the Vatican in the catacombs. Some people in the  church know about it but they keep their mouth shut and obey their Masters. Also, Satanism is rampant in the Vatican.  Many priests and cardinals in the Vatican today are also Satanic priests who sacrifice infants in secret. Think that is too  hard to believe? Well, guess what? That’s what they want you to think. Most people who do know about this stuff keep it  quiet out of fear. Malachi Martin was one of the true good men in the priesthood of the church. He was a Jesuit priest who  went on to leave the Order and write books exposing the corruption of the Catholic church, especially the Vatican. I highly  recommend reading his books if this subject truly interests you. Also the church has covered some very important things  up. For one they lied about the Third Fatima secret that was given to the child Lucia who saw the Mother with her two  siblings in Fatima. The story is well documented and forensic testing of the writing sample that was given to the public  has been proven to be a forgery. Why cover this up? Maybe because the third Fatima secret talks about Satan infiltrating  the church and it falling apart from within. Malachi Martin read the true secret and wrote about it a great deal, although  never revealing it in its original form.   Last but not least, comes the single greatest religious cover up of all time: the Sons of Seth theory. The Sons of  Seth theory is one promoted by the Catholic Church though it is a lesser known teaching. Basically this teaching purports  that the fallen Watchers of the Book of Enoch who interbred with humanity and gave birth to the Nephilim are actually just  the interbreeding between the line of Seth and other lines. This is pure nonsense and those who made this cover up did  so because they knew that if these Catholics ever found out the truth about the Watchers, they would abandon the church  and seek out answers. These Watchers, many of them at least, are the gods of old. They are the ones who designed the  pyramids and gave us a lot of technological advancement. Some may choose to call them extraterrestrials but I prefer to  see them as inter-dimensional beings. These same entities are the ones who are really pulling the strings behind religion  and politics. They are the true hidden hand. They are responsible for the society in which we live which promotes cut  throat competition, unlimited acquisition and greed.   This is a very brief outline and much more could be said on this topic. My advice to anyone reading this is to  seek out the Truth at all costs. Don’t let any human institution dictate to you what you can and cannot know. There are no  secrets to those who seek with patience. The true Christ was a man of Knowledge and taught many secrets of the  mysteries to certain of his disciples such as Thomas, Judas, and Mary Magdalene. Seek out what the church doesn’t  want you to know. And if you are a Catholic, next time you go to mass really pay attention to what is going on and you will  see that the Roman Catholic Church is nothing more than a cult of Death, ironically the one thing they claim to stand  against.    
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