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Religion - Control Through Fear 

This page is to hopefully Awaken some of you people out there. There are 2 types of Controls Systems in place today, Mainstream Religion and Government. Just for the Record, I am not Anti-Religion or Anti-Government. I am Anti- Corruption which exists in both of these. I am also a Truth Seeker. Plus both of these Institutions are designed to keep us in Ignorance and in Control. Now please understand that my words are simply my opinions from what I have been taught by Beings of Light. I will say however, that it is good to study all the Religions so that you may can try to separate the Truth from the Lies. There are some truths in the religious books of old but most of the truths have been taken out by those in control of the masses. If you truly want to be Free... open your Hearts and your Minds. Escape the Matrix. So, on this page I will discuss Religion and the Control it has on most humans. Religion is the Control System that keeps us in Spiritual Ignorance. I am talking about mainstream Religions. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca and the worst of all is Scientology. I will however say... Buddhism and Hinduism are the more Spiritual of all the Religions combined. They actually teach a Spiritual Path. But they are still filled with "Control" as they are taught by man. Sorry if some of you get your panties in a Knot reading my words, but hear me out and you will understand what I am saying. Even if you do not agree with me, I known you will ponder upon my words. All these Religions including New Age Religions were put in place to control us and keeps us in Spiritual ignorance. Just the fact that there are so many religions is enough to confuse anyone as to what the "Truth" is. The Religions are always fighting amongst each other as to who has the Truth. Look at the world today. Wars being waged such as the Muslims fighting the Western Crusaders of Christianity. This has been going on for Centuries. All these Religions have on thing in common. They all have a Sacred Book that they all follow and deem that it is the true Word of (their) God. The problem with that is these books were written by man. The even bigger problem is that they were all altered time and time again by man. For example: It is like telling a story in your office at work. By the time it gets around the whole office, it has changed. People add in their own little twist to the story and so forth. Now imagine that same story being told for over 2,000 years. You know damn well the story will be quite different if it even is the same story at all. I would have to say that the Bible is the most distorted of all the Religious books. It has been rewritten so many times it is not even funny. Today there are a countless number of versions of the Bible. Plus there are so many Teachings of other Prophets that were taken out out of the Bible in order to hide the truth from of such as the teachings of Reincarnation and many other subjects. The worst Crime against humanity is when the Church took the Bible and changed it to a "One God System". Pick up any Bible and you will only see the word "God". No not Gods (plural) but God as in singular. The original Bible had many, many different Deities/Gods in it. So there were many Gods and Goddesses and a great Hierarchy of Beings. They also changed the real story about Jesus and why he came here. He did not come here to save us from our Sins. He came here to teach us how to escape this Matrix of Life and Reincarnations and that his returning meant the return of the Christ Consciousness in people and not his actual physical return. This is a whole other story I will soon write a page on. So now we have a Bible in many different versions today and then we have many different versions of the Christian Religion. Once again... all of them arguing as to who is right with their views and their version of the Bible. You have the Baptists saying the Catholics are going to Hell and vise versa. This shows you just how dysfunctional these Religions are. The fact that they teach us that we should believe what what was written in a book by man and follow their Path or suffer Eternal Damnation is such a joke. The same goes for the Islamic Religion and the Extremists. Yes, blow yourself up and kill hundreds of innocent people and you will be a Martyr rewarded with Rivers of Wine and Virgins for your pleasure... LOL. To believe such crap you truly have to be a extremely unintelligent being. Both these Religions are simply forms of Brain washing. Yes, keeping us in Spiritual Ignorance so we will never escape the Matrix. It is even worse in the Arabic Countries where there Religious beliefs are Law. This is a Control System to the extreme. Although I think the Bible is the biggest Book filled with Lies, I would have to say that Religion of Islam is the worst when it come to brainwashing people and Controlling them. Look at how they degrade women and make them cover every part of their bodies all in the name of God and Religion or kill one of their own children if they convert to Christianity. These are some seriously messed up people.This is truly the horrible Power of Religion and Government combined. Most of these Religions have been designed to Enslave us. The truly sad part is that these ideas are instilled in us as children. Yes we are brainwashed as a child so that when we grow up we think that this is the only Truth. Truly sad isn't it...? You can take any child and if you taught them that Sponge Bob was God... they would grow up thinking this is the truth. The same way they are taught about Santa Claus. Yes, even the New Age Religions are filled with lies also. I must also state that even the Grimoires of Magick are just as corrupt in their writings. Yes I have paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars collecting them just to find only a glimpse of truth in each of them. They were all intentionally altered to confuse us. Once again keeping the Truth from us. For example... many of the Demons listed in the Grimoires are not Demons. They are Gods and Goddesses. They also add numerous prayers that are ridiculously long such as those in the Key of Solomon and tell we have to fast and abstain from sex for long periods of time. Can you say... Bullshit? To follow the directions in these books one would never accomplish the intended task of Conjuring some Mighty Being from the Abyss or the Celestial Spheres. Let us not forget all the Theosophical bullshit that the pages are filled with that mean absolutely nothing to the soul searching individual. I will say however that part of the reason for this is also to keep the common idiot on the street from having powers to control Forces beyond their understanding. For such Powers in the hands of an Idiot would not be a good thing. On the other side of the coin... Mainstream Religion is good in some aspects. For it instills a sense or Morality in us as we are growing up. It gives us a reason to be Good and Kind to others as in to Love our neighbors and so on. For I myself was raised Southern Baptist then went Non Denominational. This all gave me a sense of direction. But there came a day when I questioned all that I believed and knew that there had to be more than was written in the pages of the Bible. Thus begun my Journey of Soul Searching for the Truth. Now when it comes to all the Religious and Occult books throughout History... they all have some Truth in them and some very valuable Truth. It is just that they have been distorted and changed. This is what makes it so hard to decipher what is the Truth and what is bullshit. I studied many Religions and read every book I could get my hands on. But even in readings books that modern man had written I found many of them to be tainted with "Filler". What I mean by that is the pages were filled with mumbo jumbo words and ideas that never really got straight to the point. It was like eating Bread all the time and never getting that juicy Steak. Give the Bread to the common simple and closed minded people, I wanted my God Damn Steak...! If you want Truth, you only need to look inside yourself. You are God. You Body is a Temple so there is no need to go to a physical Temple/building where others meet to congregate. You only need to sit and "be still" and listen to what the Universe has to tell you along with your own God self.  When it comes to wanting to know more information about who you are and why you are here, "Ask and you shall receive". Ask that the Truth be shown to you and it will be revealed. Not all at once but over time it will I promise you. So what is my main point of all this I have said....? Well, you read every Religious and Occult book you can get your hands on. From each of them you will retain a Grain of Truth and if you have read enough books you just might have almost a whole Cup of Truth. When you are done reading each book, sit back an contemplate on what you have read and ask yourself.... does this make sense or is this more media intended for Confusion and Control? Ask the Universe and your Spirit Guides to lead you to the Truth. Just don't expect to find it all over night. It will take years and possible a lifetime. Do not let anyone tell you this is the Truth and the only Truth. This includes your reading my own words. Ingest them, then draw your own conclusions and decipher your own Truth. If it simply just sound like it doesn't make sense, then you are using your brain and not just accepting the words you read as fact. The Control System is about Lies............! The Control System is about keeping you Spiritually Ignorant........! The Control System is about Brainwashing you......! The Control System is about Controlling you.......! The Control System is Religion........! You do not need a Religion to be Spiritual. Do not waist your time arguing with Religious fanatics. Let them lay in their own bed of Ignorance. Never let anyone Control your Life.... unless you are underage and living with your    parents. In that case you must be in Control till you are old enough to make smart decisions. Never let anyone Control your Spiritual Freedom. Fight the Powers that Enslave you. Except nothing less than Truth. Do not dwell in Darkness. Fill yourself with Light and you will be filled with the Truth you Seek. Be yourself... the God Being that you truly are...............!
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