Psychic Vampires - Feeding off your Energies
Psychic Vampires are not to be confused with the stereotype images of Vampires that are afraid of the light and suck blood from their victims in the night. The term "Psychic Vampire" is used metaphorically to refer to people whose influence leaves a person feeling drained, exhausted, unfocused, depressed, or chaotic. They are also known as Energy Vampires, Emotional Vampires, Pranic Vampires, Astral Vampires, and Elemental Vampires. For this page, I will exclusively refer to them as Psychic Vampires. They feed off your energies known as Chi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese), or Prana (Indian). This helps them sustain life and feel alive, be they human or Spirit. There are two types of Psychic Vampires. There are those who are living human beings and there are those who are entities in the Spirit world. Psychic Vampires in Human Form: These human Psychic Vampires are people that we have all encountered many times within our lives. We have all had friends that we sometimes choose not answer the phone when they call. This as you know, is because they are going to unload all their problems and misery upon you. They are the ones who seem to have a black cloud that follows them everywhere. They leave you feeling drained, as they have unknowingly sucked the life energies out of you. They have now taken your good energies and given you a portion of their negative energies. Alternatively, there are people that you meet for the first time and after walking away, you instantly feel that something is not quite right with this person or that you sense Darkness emanating from them. If you feel this after meeting someone for the first time, then I suggest that you keep from having to meet with this person ever again. These people are bad luck to have anywhere near you at any time. They are usually magnets for negative energies. One does not become a Psychic Vampire intentionally. However, some people intentionally do things that drain people of energies and yet they are completely unaware of their negative spiritual actions upon other people. Types of “Humans” that are unknowingly Psychic Vampires: • Bitchy People: People who bitch and complain all the time leave you with a negative feeling. They are like a loud Parrot that never shuts up, driving you crazy. • Needy People: These people are always needing your energies, your money, your time, and help on a constant basis. This is not good for you. Remove these people from your life! • Physically Abusive People: They drain your energies by beating it out of you. Need I say more? • Verbally Abusive People: They drain your energies by verbally abusing you and mentally tormenting you, making you feel less than worthy. Rid yourself of these individuals. • Sponges: These people try to live off you, always borrowing money and personal items from you. They do not want to buy things for themselves, when they can use the things you have. They are the parasites of humans. • Depressed People: These people bring everybody down, as they seemed to have lost the spark in life. They take anti-depressants, which lowers their vibrations. They will feed off your energies when you lend an ear, as a friend. • Manipulative People: They attempt to indirectly influencing someone else's behavior or actions even using guilt trips to get their way. They are the masters of mind games! • Narcissist: The narcissist lacks self-esteem and feels empty. Therefore, they must gain their pseudo-"self-esteem" from external sources such as family, friends, lovers, workmates, and children. • Bi-polar People: These people are extremely hard to deal with. One minute they are nice, the next they are Satan. They have to take medication to be nice and calm. When they think they feel better, they stop taking their medication. That is when they turn back into Satan. I run the other direction when I know someone is Bi-Polar. They will drain your energies like no other! • Clingy People: When someone is too clingy, always hanging on you and cannot wipe their ass without you… then they are draining you of you Pranic energies. Tell them to back up! • False Idols: These humans think they are above you, like Pop Stars, TV Stars, and Movie Stars. The truth is, they have traded their Spiritual awareness for fortune and fame in the material world. They are puppets for the propaganda brainwashing machine. Do not worship these life suckers. Turn off your TVs. • Demanding People: These people are Parasites that constantly demand things from you, thus leaving you feeling exhausted at the end of the workday. • Hyperactive People: I am not talking about energetic people. I am talking about people that cannot sit still for a moment. They constantly wiggle their legs or they never stop talking long enough for you to get a word in edgewise. They run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Trying to keep up with people like this will deplete you of Prana. • Angry People: The Goliath’s of negativity. Stay away from these people, as their anger will drain your aura. They usually hate their life and want you to be miserable too. After acknowledging this list of people who are Psychic Vampires, it is best that you avoid them as much as much as possible. Even talking on the phone to some of these people will drain your vital “Chi” energies. Psychic Vampires in the Spirit World: These Psychic Vampires also called Spirit or Astral Vampires can be of several types. They are entities living on another dimension. They are the Psychic Vampires that know exactly what they are doing and intentionally feed off your Prana. These entities tend to be more dangerous than the human kind. This is because most humans are not aware that they are being drained of their energies by these beings from the great void. They are attracted to you by your own misguided ways. Here are the most common types of Psychic Vampires in the Spirit World: • Elemental Spirits: Elemental spirits are not evil. However, they can be very mischievous and they are not fond of humans who are impure. The elementals that are not so nice can play tricks on you and intentionally drain you of energies, especially if you are in the woods in their territory. They ultimately want you to move away from their playground. • Astral entities: In the astral world, there are many types of entities. Some of them are literally monsters from our darkest dreams and subconscious mind, which have no defined category to place them. They feed off the Prana of humans to sustain their own energy fields. For those of you whom are weak, you are easy prey for these entities. • Demons: Whether it is the male form of incubus or the female form of succubus, these extremely dangerous entities can and will possess you if they so choose. However, many times lower vibrating spirits of the astral world will pose as higher-ranking demons and use a human as a host. They want to feel the sensations of being human. Some people wish to have sexual encounters with an incubus or succubus thru occult rituals and so on. This is very ill advised. The Demon will then want to keep you as their own. Therefore, they will not hesitate to kill or harm any human who wants to be in your love life. Do not attempt something so foolish, unless you are extremely well practiced in the Art of Conjuring and controlling Demons. • Extraterrestrials: These entities are the Angels, Demons, Gods, and Goddesses of old. They are normally multi- dimensional beings. Therefore, they can be in the physical or in the spirit. If they are a malevolent ET, then they will abduct and use you for their own twisted genetic experiments, if they so choose. • Shells: When a person dies and then moves on from the astral planes to higher planes or reincarnates, they sometimes leave behind what is known as a “Shell”. It is like a carcass of their astral body. This is what most ghosts are and can act independently of their higher spirit that has moved on. This shell can attach itself to a living human so that it can sustain its own life in the astral world. • Dead People: I am not referring to Shells. These are dead people still living in the lower astral world. They have yet to move to a higher plane of existence. They can be major psychic vampires. If they were a drug addict, murderer, or any type of misguided person in their physical life, then they will need to feed off living humans in order to feel the same sensations they had when they were alive. They are in their own “Hell” shall we say. This is because they were very low vibrating humans when they were alive. They become similar to demons as they will influence and possess your body in order to feed their evil appetite. Those of you, whom hear strange voices in your head telling you to do things that are not right, are being coerced by these life sucking psychic vampires. • Thought Forms: Everything we think creates thought forms. These thought forms go out into the universe and manifest in some form or another. If we think negative or evil thoughts, they can come back to haunt us. I used to see my own dark thought forms manifest into black colored astral objects that would follow me around. I have seen the evidence of them in some of my photos. They were waiting to feed off a possible dark thought of mine, thus strengthening their shape and form. You must understand that you can create your own Astral Entity thru the power of thought. However, these entities can grow more powerful and become very hard to get rid of. They can become too powerful once they have absorbed enough Prana from unsuspecting humans. These thought form entities are spiritual parasites, just waiting for you to mess up. Therefore, keep your thoughts in balance with the Light and not the Dark. Protection from Psychic Vampires: There are many ways to protect one’s self from these energy-sucking parasites. If you are a person with high vibrations, then you will more than likely not have too much of a problem with Psychic Vampires. Your auric energy field is too strong for them to penetrate. For those of you who have not raised your frequency rate, you will need protection. I would suggest that you use the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) or just call upon Archangel Michael for protection. However, you will need to start strengthening your aura and raising your vibrational frequency. You can do this through meditations, visualizing your chakras, and visualizing yourself surrounded in pure white light. You must also learn to control your actions and your thoughts. When you do or think things of a negative nature, you will become an open door for Psychic Vampires to enter. When you smoke cigarettes, do drugs, or drink alcohol in excess, you once again become an open door for the entities to enter your body and drain your energies. Although some drugs can be used intentionally to open the door to the spirit world… having the proper protection is am must! I highly suggest, that you use some smudge sticks upon yourself and your home. I myself use this method to clear unwanted energies that may have entered my home.
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