Prayer - Is Anyone Listening?

Your Prayers may not be Heard Some of you people might read this and get all mad, sorry about your closed mind! Then there are those of you whom are open minded and will truly think on this. Those with an open mind will  will surpass all others in Spiritual progress. The practice of Prayer as everyone knows has been around forever. But the questions stands..... is anyone really listening? How many times have you prayed to God and never had your prayers answered? I ask this question to even the most devout religious people. The majority of the time, our prayers are not answered and the times that they are might just be coincidence. I know myself that when I was young and a devout Christian, my prayers were like talking to a wall. They were never answered. Even when I had Faith that they would be answered. Think about this... You are praying to God to answer your call and needs. So are a Zillion other people at the same time. How the Hell do you think this God is gonna be able to hear all of you and answer you? Do you think he has a bunch of operators standing by like Tech Support in New Delhi? And then they eventually relay the message to God? Hell, I know that me being one person cannot even keep up with all the emails I get. I am sorry but God has better things to do then listen to a bunch of whiners. I do believe there is a way to have your needs heard by a Higher Being. I will explain that part later on this page. First lets consider one thing. Most of us just say,"Dear God please help me with blah, blah, blah." Well that is like walking thru the mall and yelling for your friend saying.... "Hey person" and they will probably not even turn and look at you. Everyone has a name. Yes even God and there are many Gods and Goddesses that truly do exist. You can thank the Churches for for changing the Bible and not giving us Gods many names. Ya, they just use the word God. This is bullshit if you ask me. Yes, God has many names according to the original Bible before the assholes in the Church got hold of it. But the truth is many of these names that were in the original Bible are actually different Beings. So there were many Highly Evolved Beings that made up the Hierarchy of the Godhead. But the Church decide to create a "One God" system as a Control System for the masses. That's a whole other Story! In doing so they re-labled allot of Gods and Goddesses as Demons. For instance, the Goddess Astarte whom the church re-labled as a demon named Astaroth. Astaroth is depicted as a nude man with dragon-like wings, hands and feet, a second pair of feathered wings after the main, wearing a crown, holding a serpent in one hand, and riding a wolf or dog. So you see they even changed her sex. There is one more important thing to remember here. These Gods and Goddesses were mostly Extraterrestrial Beings with the ability to shape shift. Now many of you may not have been raised Christian. Do you truly think that if these were truly caring loving Gods that they would let the world be such a horrible place? Do you think a Loving God would let a new born baby come into this world deformed? Ask any Preacher this and they will say it is because of our past Sins. Well that is fucking bullshit! If mainstream religious people do not believe in reincarnation then that means that this new born baby has never Sinned before so why should the child suffer and come into this world deformed? Right? It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure this one out! So now I say if you want to be heard, you should Pray to Jesus or Mother Mary or one of many Ascended Masters. These are truly loving caring Beings. They are of a Bloodline of Light. These beings came here to help us escape this Matrix that we have been enslaved us to. So they will listen to our prayers. I myself do have my prayers heard and answered when calling to these Beings of Light! But for me, I normally use a method of Invocation to get my needs heard.  I start my Invocation with this.... "In the name of the I Am That I Am I call to the heart of (name of Deity)" Then I state my needs. I end it with this..... "I accept this now made manifest in the full power of the living God who now declares within my Soul.... I Am Who I Am... So be it" This I have to thank Elizabeth Clare Prophet who wrote many of the books I owned that changed my life. If I had never come across her books many years ago, I think I would still be on a Dark Path. My 2 favorites written by her are "The Science of the Spoken Word" and "Prayer and Meditation". Great Books! There are also many other methods such as Mantras and Decrees to get your message heard. If any of you are interested in reading her Great Books and there are many that she has written here you go......
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