Powers Spots & Ley Lines
Featuring Guest Writer - James Huff   What are power spots? Power spots are vortexes of energy beneath the Earth that exist at the intersection of ley lines. Ley lines (also called dragon lines) are like the acupuncture meridians of the human body. Like the human body, the Earth is a single living organism with energy grids of its own. Many sacred sites and architectural buildings of both the ancient and modern world were built upon these power spots. What can they be used for? Once discovered, power spots can be used for a number of purposes. These include meditation, vision quests, communication with spirits (especially nature spirits), and even searching for relics.    There are many power spots which exude positive energy and are used by light workers to balance the energy of the planet. Unfortunately, there are also those in power in the control system that wish to lower the vibrations of our planet in order to control us and lock the people of the Earth into the lower vibrations. They may use the forces of darkness and disorder with various rituals to corrupt the positive energy that normally flows from these spots and manipulate them for their own purposes. That is why us light workers should try to go to these places, even if it is only astrally, and work toward cleansing them. At the bottom of this page I will discuss a way in which these power spots can be cleansed. Even if you do not wish to go to these places which are manipulated by those in power, it is still beneficial to seek out power spots in your own area and cleanse them. There are also certain negative entities that sometimes have the ability to corrupt the subtle energies of power spots. It is important to use your own intuitive guidance to seek out these areas and work toward bringing them back into harmony with nature. How do you go about locating a power spot? I will share with you a method I have learned from my spirit guides in shamanic work. I cannot guarantee your success with this method as it depends on one’s psychic abilities. As a prerequisite, it would be good to work on your chakras before attempting this exercise.    The first step is to find a quartz crystal. I find that these are good for general purposes, although if you wish to use something more specifically geared toward grounding, onyx or obsidian will also work. If you use quartz, it does not have to be a fancy one found in a shop. In fact I find ones from nature, that are rough and imperfect, to be better because they are more connected with the Earth. Hold the crystal in the hand that is not dominant, close your fist around it, and let your hand go straight down your side. Extend your dominant hand (power hand) outward, palm down, and extend your fingers. Now lower your hand approximately three feet or so from the ground and try to intuitively feel the energy of the Earth. You will know you have come near to, or found, a power spot when you can feel a subtle heat in the palm of your hand. The more heat you feel, the more powerful the spot. Try to remember what you find and then try and locate another one. Once you begin to discover more power spots, it may be a good idea to draw a map of them and return to them and do some meditation to determine if they need to be cleansed or not. Cleansing power spots is like the service work of Mother Earth.    If you discover a spot that is tainted with negative energy then there is a way that you can cleanse it. Acquire a crystal that is used for grounding (as mentioned above, onyx or obsidian would be good.) Bury that crystal about six inches below the ground directly where the power spot is that needs to be cleansed. Then return to that spot every day at either high noon or midnight for the cleansing. The method I use to cleanse these spots is called the Circulation of the Body of Light ritual and this comes from the ceremonial magical tradition. The first step is to activate the chakras, starting from the crown and then working your way down. Though you can visualize the respective colors for each chakra, you can also simply visualize the pure white light. Once you have activated your root chakra, you can begin the exercise. As you breathe in, visualize pure white light coming up your side and up to your crown chakra, and then exhale and visualize the light descending down your other side, forming a sphere of pure white light. Repeat this between six and ten times. Then do the same from the front of your body, up to your crown chakra, and down the back of your body. Finally, visualize pure white light spiraling up your body with each breath in, and then when the light reaches your crown chakra, let it explode downward like a fountain as you exhale. Remember to visualize the light also going into the Earth as it hits your root chakra. Repeat this exercise daily until you begin to sense that the power spot has been cleansed and then return to it every so often to assure that the energy is still flowing smoothly and in harmony with nature. Cleansing power spots not only re-circulates the energy of the Earth but it will also re-circulate one’s own energy, hence purifying the light body of the individual.    Remember that this same method can be applied astrally to areas that you may not be able to physically go to. There are many very powerful vortexes of energy that can be cleansed in this same manner and that, unfortunately, have been poisoned by dark energies for a very long time. This is but one of the works that we as light workers can do to service the planet. In all that you do, go in love and in light.
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