The Power of 3
People have a fascination with the number 3. The number 3 is normally present while performing Magical and Spiritual rituals. Most Incantations and Invocations are done in repetitions of three. However, there is the more powerful 3 X 3. This is where we repeat the three lines of the Incantation three times, which of course is nine lines. I use this methodology in all my Invocations, Incantations, Conjurations, and Mantras. This upgrades the Power of my Magical/Spiritual workings intensely. For instance, using a simple Mantra as such to increase your own God Power. Remember that you are God! I Am God I Am God I Am God (Repeat 3 times) Or a simple Money Spell Incantation. This one uses the Power of 3 X 3... "Money, money come to me In abundance three times three May I be enriched in the best of ways Harming none on its way This I accept, so mote it be Bring me money three times three!" (Repeat 3x3 times = 9 times) There is also the power of three people doing Magic together to increase the Power of their Magic. I am sure that most of you know the mainstream TV show Charmed, which the “Power of Three” was the main theme throughout the series. The Charmed Ones were connected through the Power of Three. Their Spell book required three people for the Spells to be powerful. Here is the Incantation that Phoebe performed to create the bond between the three women. Hear now the words of the witches, The secrets we hid in the night, The oldest of Gods are invoked here, The great work of Magic is sought In this night and in this hour, We call upon the Ancient Power Bring your powers to we sisters three! We want the power! Give us the power! Even though this was a TV show, it still represented “some” real aspects of Spells and Magic. There is always power in numbers of people. Normally the more people involved in something, the more powerful it becomes. It is the old saying, “Strength in Numbers”. The number Three is the first of 6 sacred numbers. The number 3 represents the Pagan and Christian Trinity." It is represented geometrically in the triangle, and spiritually as the 3rd Eye. In the Occult one can multiply and add three to other sacred numbers to create new numbers. However, one can also group threes in two's and threes, because greater power is achieved when a sacred number is grouped. In the case of three, greater power is achieved when it is shown as 33, or 333. Occultists have used 333 as the hidden symbol by which they present the more offensive number 666. 333 + 333 equals 666. When the details of an event are so arranged as to contain certain sacred occult numbers or numeric combinations, this is literally an occult signature on the event. Mathematically, 666 can be created when three pairs of threes are added. Thus, (3+3) + (3+3) + (3+3) = 666. Now, eliminate the parentheses and the plus sign, and you have 33 space, 33 space, 33, representing the number 666. Now let us look at the Power of Three in other aspects of Life. Bad Luck comes in 3’s… We have all heard people say that “Things happen in 3’s.” Well for many people and me, they do. If you are having a bad day and something bad happens, many times you can expect two more bad things to happen that day. Therefore, things happened in 3’s for you that day. You do not hear of good things happening in 3’s, only bad things for some strange reason. However, do not think that just because one bad thing happens to you, that there will be a total of three that day. If you do think this way, then you will manifest it. You must stay positive to avoid this. Many Different Things in 3’s… • The Triad – Body, Soul and Spirit • 3 Moon Phases – Waning, Waxing, and Full. • OCD – People with OCD’s do things in 3’s. The abbreviation itself has three letters. • The Three Wise Men that visited baby Jesus. • Nursery Rhymes - 3 Blind Mice, 3 Little Pigs, Goldy Locks & the 3 Bears, 3 Little Kittens that Lost their Mittens. • Buddhist - The Triple Gem or the Three Jewels. Also known as the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha. • Kabbalah - male, female, uniting intelligence. • The 3 Stooges – Sorry, I had to throw this one in here for laughs. • The 3 Musketeers – The Power of 3…! • Taoist - The Great Triad of Heaven, Human, Earth. • In Christianity - The number 3 represents the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost/Spirit. • Triquetra – Too many meanings to list here. • Three types of matter - Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral. • Chinese - 3 is a perfect number. • Egyptians – 3 is the number of the Cosmos. • Japanese 3 Treasures – truth/courage/compassion • The number 3 stands for that which is solid, real, substantial, complete, and entire. • 3 primary colors – Red, Blue, and Green, with these colors, it is possible to obtain all the colors. • The 3 keys of music - Do, Fa, and Sol are the three most important notes in music. • The Universe - Matter, Astral, and Spirit. • Mother Nature - Earth, Sea, and Sky. • Western literature - Normally follows a three-act structure. Characters and concepts are introduced in Act 1. The plot is developed through conflict in Act 2, and resolving the conflict in Act 3. So now you have a basic understanding of the Power of 3. Use it to your own advantage in life to manifest that which you so Desire!
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