Planetary Days & Hours for Magic 
Planetary Hours and Days. This is something many people over look when doing Spells and their Magickal workings. Some people do not even know about them. Most people just go by the Moon Phase and whether it is Waning or Waxing or Full. But you can make your Spells much more effective by using Planetary Hours and Days and combine them with the Moon Phase. For instance, the Day for doing Love Spells would be Fridays and the Hour would be determined by the Latitude and Longitude of the City that you live in. This could be combined with the Moon Phase where the Moon would be Waxing. This is where the Moon is getting bigger in size and is used for when you want things to come to you. So now, you would have the proper Day, Hour, and Moon Phase to do your Love Spell. Let us take another example: The Day for doing Money Spells would be Thursdays and once again, the Hour would be determined by the Latitude and Longitude of the City that you live in. Thus, you would also use the Waxing Moon Phase. It is like giving your Spells some extra Power and kick in the ass to get going and do their work. Each Planet has a specific day, as you will see. Monday - The Moon Tuesday - Mars Wednesday - Mercury Thursday - Jupiter Friday - Venus Saturday - Saturn Sunday - The Sun Now many of you are going to ask..."What each of these Days are good for doing what type of Spells and Magickal workings?" For that, I shall refer you to my Magickal Days page. OK, just so you know, If you are doing Spell work or other Magickal workings that take several days to do, you can start the work on the proper day but each day after will not be the right day but that is OK because you will still use the proper Planetary Hour that day. For instance: (I am using my time zone as an example)Let's say you are doing you a Money Spell that takes 3 days. Start the Spell on a Thursday (the day of Jupiter) at 9:36 pm then you do your Spell work for the next 2 days. The next day is not the day of Jupiter but we will use the proper planetary hour of 6:35 pm. The the following day at 10:34 pm. Now each day has 2 sets of hours for each of the Planets I have listed. We have the AM hours and the PM hours. This makes it a little easier for you to pick the proper time of day according to your own schedule. For those of you whom wish to Conjure or Invoke Angels, Demons and Gods, this is a must know. All Celestial Intelligence's have their specific days and hours to be Invoked or Conjured. There are many books on Planetary Hours and Days. The Days are the easy part. The hours, well I myself have never been able to get it it right trying to do it on my own calculations.... well lets just say I sucked at it. But with this free software called ChronosXP. it is a easy cake and like I said, it's free! Here is the link to it... Now what I’m going to tell you is very important! After you have the software, you must put in your proper Latitude and Longitude of the City that you live in. To do this simply Google it and write it down and make sure you write it down correctly. If you do not have the right info put into it, you will not get the proper hours out of it to do your Magickal workings. Thus your Magick will be worthless. Don't forget to also set it if you are in a Daylight Savings time zone. This is about accuracy to make your Spells and such have much more power. So hopefully this will help all of you in your Magickal workings.
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