Pendulums for Divination
Using Pendulums also known as Dowsing. This is a great way to get answers you need without having to go a Psychic or having to use the Ouija Board which takes 2 people to work good. Yes, with the Pendulum, you will be able to do it all by yourself. Plus, you can take one with you anywhere at any time of the day and get the answers you need. Pendulums work by tapping into your Higher Self or “I Am Presence” as it is also known. Dowsing has been around for many Centuries.  Yes, used for Divination purposes to foretell the Future and long ago it was used to divine guilt in trials. Thank God they don't use that system anymore. Now there are other forms of Dowsing such as using Metal "L" shaped Rods or a Forked "Y" shaped branch. This methods were used for finding water or gems. It is also used to find Spirit Energies in a house and for that I have used the Metal "L" shaped Rods. We are not going to get into that right now. We are going to focus on Pendulums and their use for getting answers. A Pendulum does not have to be purchased. Times are heard right now and if you don't have the money you can make one with just a ring at the end of a string. You don't even have to have the fancy Pendulum Board. You can just use your hand as I do many times. I do use a nice Black Onyx Pendulum. However, I use my hand underneath it instead of an Answer Board. But I am in the process of making a nice wooden Answer Board. This is all very simple. As you know... I try to put things in the simplest terms for people to understand. So many Books use big fancy words and a bunch of mumbo jumbo bullshit Philosophy crap that means nothing to most people. So let get started.... Here's how it works. Take your Pendulum by the string or chain (what ever it is attached to) and you will hold it still and ask it a question. If it swings or rotates one way that is yes. If it swings or rotates the other way… it's no. That's the simple version of this. Now I’ll break it down a little better for you. You now wanna know which way is yes and which way is no…. right? Here's what you do. Hold the Pendulum in you dominant hand. Put your other hand as I do a few inches below the Pendulum. Keep it still and say…. “Show which is yes”. Then wait to see how it swings. It may swing back and forth as mine does or it may swing in a circular motion in one direction. Both which are shown below. Which ever it does… that will be “yes”. Then ask “Show which is no”. However it swings… that will be “no”. There… now you. What ever you do… don't try to make it swing. Let it work it's self. Now…. You can get fancy and buy a Pendulum Kit that has everything you need….  the Pendulum, the Answer Board and probably a book explaining the same thing I am telling you. Or you can buy a fancy Pendulum made out  Crystal or Hematite or Black Onyx or many other different type stones, gems or metals like me..... anything you desire. Then you can make you own Answer Board. It can be drawn on a piece of paper or painted on a nice piece of wood or even carved into the wood. Like shown below. Using this type of set up will work only with the Pendulum swinging in a back and forth motion. But that is ok, your Higher Self knows this and will use the proper motion. So... maybe some of you want to buy a fancy Pendulum or Kit that has everything you need... then your ready to go! There are some really cool ones here...!
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