There can only be One Truth
  What is the truth about God, the Universe, and everything we know…? Will any of us ever really know? Some people think that everyone has their own truth. I used to think this same way. Nevertheless, then I realized that this is a bullshit theory that confuses people even more. The fact is there can ONLY BE ONE TRUTH. ONLY ONE TRUTH. ONLY  ONE ONE This statement applies to everything in life. We know that all religions are smokescreens to cover up the truth about whom we are and why we are here. Just like all religious Holy books…. the History books we read when we were in school are filled with fabricated lies to cover up the atrocities. They are fabricated stories to make us believe what they want us to believe. There is one thing you can do to help yourself awaken from the brainwashing that has been placed upon us. You should now question everything you know. Actually, you should throw everything you know out the window. Except for Math, It is all a lie. Even Science has been manipulated to keep the masses from know the truth about cures for diseases and so forth, all for the sake of the almighty dollar. When we are born into this world, our memories of who we are and why we are here are erased. Then we have to go through Pan’s Labyrinth to try to find the truth. Yes, many spiritual people will tell you that this is a learning school for the Soul. Well, this again is bullshit. This is game for an advanced race of beings that keep us in slavery here on this planet. If this were truly a learning school for the Soul, we would not have multiple religions and belief systems. There would only be one. We would be able to learn life lessons as we already do, but without all the deception. In addition, our Soul already knows the truth; it is our physical and brains that do not know the truth. This advanced race of beings that control us, incarnate here as the Elite. They are born into massive wealth and they function as Gods here on earth. They decided who goes to war with whom and they decide the fate of everyone on the planet. They are of a negative polarity energy. They are the Demons of Ancient times. These are people like Rothschild, RJ Reynolds, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Soros, and many others. They control the media, which is your brainwashing source. They control everything in the illusion that we live in. They know the truth because they belong to the ones who enslave us here on this planet. Free your mind and keep searching for the truth, for it is out there. Never give up searching for it.  
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