Personal Numerology Readings
Our lives are ruled by numbers which set our Destiny. Knowing these Numbers that influence and rule our lives, we can find Success and build Wealth. In the Occult Arts Numbers and Sacred Geometry's are very important in making things happen. I Puzuzu a Numerologist will now give you your own personal Numerology Reading and yes it will be done by me personally, and not anyone else. This will be a very lengthy and detailed reading, anywhere from 60 to over 140 pages long. I will tell you things about you from the day you were born to the years ahead. This is not a reading where you ask a question. It is a reading of your whole life according to your Numbers. Below is a list of all the subjects I will give you. Plus, if you request a Reading from me, I will give you your Personal Years, Personal Months, and a Day to Day Forecast at no extra cost! Subjects that will be covered: LIFE PATH NUMBER - The Life Path number gives us a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and lessons we will encounter in this lifetime. BIRTHDAY NUMBER - The day you were born bears great significance in understanding who you are and where your talents lie. EXPRESSION NUMBER - Your Expression number reveals your physical and mental constitution, the orientation or goals of your life. Thus, the Expression number reveals your inner goal, the person you aim to be. MINOR EXPRESSION NUMBER - The Minor Expression number is based on the current (or short) name; the name you now use to introduce yourself including your last name. The influence of the short name is minor in comparison to your full name. HEART'S DESIRE NUMBER - Your Heart's Desire is the inner you.  It shows your underlying urge, your true motivation.  It reveals the general intention behind many of your actions. MINOR HEART'S DESIRE NUMBER - The Minor Heart's Desire number is derived from the vowels of your current name; the name you now use to introduce yourself. It affects how you feel about yourself; it changes your identity slightly. PERSONALITY NUMBER - Your Personality number is derived from the consonants of your full name at birth.  Your Personality number often serves as a censoring device, both in terms of what you send out, as well as what you allow to approach. MATURITY NUMBER - Your Maturity number indicates an underlying wish or desire that gradually surface around age thirty to thirty-five.  This underlying goal begins to emerge as you gain a better understanding of yourself. L/E BRIDGE NUMBER - The Bridge numbers in your chart are the numbers that indicate how you can make the relationship between the individual core numbers in your chart easier and more compatible.  Bridge numbers have the potential to "close the gap" between the Life Path and Expression number, or the Heart's Desire and Personality number. H/P BRIDGE NUMBER - The Bridge number relates to your Heart's Desire number and your Personality number. KARMIC LESSONS NUMBER - Karmic lessons are areas that we are currently weak in and must be faced and worked on in this life.  There can be more than one Karmic Lesson.  You may have several Karmic Lessons. These are indicated by the absence of certain numbers in your name. HIDDEN PASSION NUMBER - Your Hidden Passion reveals one or more special strengths and talents that you rely upon and are available to you. PLANE OF EXPRESSION MENTAL EMOTIONAL INTUITIVE NUMBER - Each of us experiences life on several different levels:  our mental faculty; our emotional makeup; and our intuition. BALANCE NUMBER - Your Balance number provides you with the guidance on how best to deal with difficult or threatening situations. RATIONAL THOUGHT NUMBER - Your Rational Thought number reveals what can probably best be described as the way you think. CORNERSTONE NUMBER - The first letter of your first name gives an additional indication to your character, particularly as to the manner in which you approach opportunities and obstacles.  The first letter is called your Cornerstone. SUBCONSCIOUS SELF NUMBER - Your Subconscious Self reveals how you react to demanding situations.  It indicates your ability to get the most out of your talents and opportunities, especially when you face new or challenging circumstances. CHALLENGES NUMBER - There are four Challenges to be faced during our lives.  For many of us, the same challenge is repeated, while others have four distinctly different lessons to learn. PINNACLES NUMBER - The Pinnacles are four long-term cycles, or periods, on our Life Path.  Each Pinnacle represents a particular lesson we are working on. CYCLES NUMBER -  There are three great divisions or cycles of our lives, they are ruled by what age we are. TRANSITS NUMBER - The Transits are the individual letters of your name that combine to form the Essence, which is the number that reveals a great deal about your year ahead. ESSENCE NUMBER - The Transits are the individual letters of your name that combine to form the Essence, which is the number that reveals a great deal about your year ahead. PERSONAL YEARS NUMBER - This will tell you about your years ahead.  You get 2 personal years. PERSONAL MONTHS NUMBER - This will tell you about your Months ahead.  You get 2 years of personal months. PERSONAL DAYS NUMBER - This will tell you about your Days ahead.  You get 2 years of personal days. Like a said, this will be a very Detailed Lengthy Reading by the time I make all the Calculations for you. This System of Numerology is what I use to Navigate my whole life here on Earth everyday. These Readings are only $9.99 payable thru PayPal. Directions: After making payment, Copy and Paste the following with your information in an email to: Birth name First - Middle - Last - Name as currently used First - Last - Birth Date Month - Day - Year - Your Age -
Make sure you include this information needed to do the Reading.
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