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Many people have not thought of what their house number vibrations. They make think their home is a Spiritual one and it may, yet it might vibrate to a different number. Knowing your home number vibration can help answer many questions as to why things are the way they are in your home. The numeric address of your home can affect your wealth, prosperity, health, temper, energy, family, love, spirituality, and everything under the sun. Therefore, this is very important to know when choosing a new residence and can help you choose the home that will vibrate to your needs and wants. The method is quite simple indeed. Here is the method to the madness: First of all, you never use the street name. You will only use the house numeric address. Take you house number and add all he numbers together. For example: Let us say you home address is 2894. Add these numbers together. 2+8+9+4=23. Now we must reduce this number to a single digit by add 2+3, which equals 5. Therefore, your house vibrates to the number 5, which is the “Dream Home” as described later on this page. Now some of you do not live in a house. Many of you live in an apartment complex. So, you may say… My apartment building has a number, my apartment door has another number, and some have a letter next to their apartment number such as 24B. Well, some numerologists says you apartment building number does not affect you and that only your apartment number does. I am sorry, but I do not agree with this. Every number on that building affects your life. In saying that, apartments are filled with mixed energies, which is not good. It is especially not good for the Spiritual minded person. It is like a bag of M&M's, too many colors and you only want to eat the red ones. This is why having your own home is much better. OK, having said all that, you now want to know about your apartment number. You add the numbers of your building the same way as shown earlier and you will experience the effect of that number in your life while living there. However, the main number you will be influenced by is your apartment number. Once again, you add the numbers up, just as we did earlier. Now if your apartment has a letter alongside the number, we must add that to the mix as well. Let me show you an example. Let us say you apartment number is 24 B. We will add 2+4=6 and then we will use the following chart to determine the letter B into the mix. So we see that B = 2. Thus, 2+4=6… and 6+2=8. Your apartment vibrates to the number 8, which is one of Spirituality. Just remember as I stated earlier. You live in an apartment building, which has many numbers on it, and therefore vibrating to a strong single digit is not as easy as living in a private house. 1 - A, J, S 2 - B, K, T 3 - C, L, U 4 - D, M, V 5 - E, N, W 6 - F, O, X 7 - G, P, Y 8 - H, Q, Z 9 - I, R Now, here are the House Numbers and their Meanings. The Number 1 Home: If you are self-employed or a high paid executive of a company, this is the home for you. Most any type of professional person would do well in this home. If you are looking to work from home with your own business, such as web blogging, web design, and so forth, this is the house for you. A home that vibrates to the number 1 enhances determination, self-confidence, independence, innovation, ingenuity, and leadership. However, many successful people (not all of them) who live in a home that vibrates to the number one tend to be stuck up and arrogant. Ah yes, this must mean that most politicians would be fit right in this home with their arrogant demeanor. The Number 2 Home: The number 2 house is great for family gatherings, as it is filled with harmony. This is not a good home for single people. It is best for couples and large families who love to throw parties and social gatherings. It is a home where visitors will feel welcome, as this is a warm and loving home. However, one can tend to feel emotionally overwhelmed in this house if they stay inside all the time. It is best to have a good balance of staying in and going out in nature to be at peace. This is not a good house for those who are ambitious and wish to make money. However, this home tends to make finances come and go due to the number 2 being ruled by the moon. Therefore, one must be careful with their spending living here. This home is best suited for those who are already retired. The Number 3 Home: This is an excellent home for the entertainers and party people out there. Those who love to laugh and enjoy life will love this home, especially if they are single. This is the fun house for all those who truly enjoy life. This home is ruled by Jupiter, which makes it a great home for accumulating wealth and wisdom. Therefore being a writer in this home is perfect, as the knowledge you write will go out into the world for others to absorb. The energies are always lively in the 3 house which make it great for throwing parties or having company. Nevertheless, be forewarned that the energies in this home can be overwhelming and tend you make you spend money frivolously. The energies can also make one feel discombobulated at time if you are not grounded. The Number 4 Home: This is a home for structured people with practical goals. It gives one a sense of ambition. This is a very grounded house, which makes it good for all earthly things such as gardening and so forth. This home promotes stability, which is also good for investments and other financial endeavors. Therefore, if you want adventure, I advise you to find another home or look for it outside the home. Personally, I find this to be a boring house and very disruptive to say the least. However, if you are the “plain Jane” type of person looking for comfort, then this is your home. On the down side, peace and tranquility may be hard to find, for the number 4 home is best suited for a mentally strong person. My advice is to stay away from living in a number 4 home. The Number 5 Home: Party people, this is your dream house! Yes, if you want to have great parties and entertain people, then this is the home for you. People who live in a 5 home will change the look and feel of their home every so often. This home is ruled by Mercury, which is about communication and change. Mercury circles the sun faster than all the other planets. This is why the Romans named it after the messenger God Mercury. Therefore, if you are looking for fast change in your life, this is the home for you. This is also a great house for Earth Magic. The number 5 brings about the attractions of Fairies, Elves and mysterious Elemental creatures. Therefore, this can be a great home for the Witches of the world. The Number 6 Home: This is a happy home and would be excellent for families or creative people. This home is usually decorated with vivid colors and bizarre furnishings. This is a nurturing home and therefore friends and family will feel warm and welcome here. Pets and children will love this home as well with the soothing vibrations it puts forth. Yes, this home is ruled by Venus, which means love will be abundant in this home. Overall, this is the best choice for those whom seek to manifest their dream of the “white picket fence” home. Yes, this is the ideal “family dream home”. The Number 7 Home: My home vibrates to this number and I love it. It is a great home for those who are seeking out the esoteric mysteries and are on a spiritual quest. If you love writing, researching, and opening portals to the unknown, then this is the house for you. This home is for the person who loves the serenity of peace and quiet. This is also a great home for those who do not want to be part of the corporate illusion of life. Even if you are a newbie to spiritual things, this home will help bring you up to speed with your intuitive psychic abilities. It is the perfect home for those trying to make contact with the Angelic realm, as those higher beings will find this home suitable for their energies. I will say being that my own home vibrates to the number 7, it is one the most bizarre homes I have ever lived in. The Spiritual encounters I have had in this home have been more than phenomenal. To bring more money into this home, I added a number 8 on the wall above me in my office space, which has worked well. The Number 8 Home: This is the money making house to say the least. The number 8 is the number of financial security. In Feng Shui, the number 8 draws in money. This is an excellent choice of homes for those who run their business from home, as it will attract wealth and prosperity. Money, money, money, is what this house is vibrates to. For those who do not have a number 8 house, yet wish to bring in the financial power of 8, they should add a number 8 inside the door of the room they use for an office in this house. My home resonates to the number 7 for Spirituality. However, I run an online business and I have the number 8 above the computer in the room where I work. This way I have my Spiritual home with a touch of money wealth and prosperity. The Number 9 Home: This is the loving home where everyone is welcome. This is an excellent choice of homes for those who like to write and or read many books. Therefore, it is great for students and younger people. This is the home for the night owls out there, those who love to stay up late at night. This is a home of high activity, so there is seldom boredom around this home. There will always be plenty of excitement here. A great choice for the young at heart.
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