Spiritual Grounding

The true art of grounding oneself Spiritually is through a simple Ritual of Meditation using the chakras. Here are the simple instructions on how to do so... Find yourself a quiet place to be seated whether it be indoors or outside.     Quiet your mind and plant your feet firmly on the ground taking several deep breaths exhaling slowly and relaxing the whole body.     With your feet planted firmly on the ground, imagine that your feet are now growing roots which are continuing to grow deep into the ground becoming one with Mother Earth.     Now visualize your "I Am Presence" way above your head which is your Christ self connection. Imagine that white ball of pure Christ Light sending Light down to your Crown chakra.     Now bring the Light down to your Brow/Third Eye chakra.     Now bring this white Light down to your Throat chakra.     Continue bringing this Light downward now to your Heart chakra.     Each time you bring the Light downward pause for a moment concentrating on that particular chakra and the white Light that permeates it.     Continue to bring this Light now to your Solar Plexus chakra.     Now move the Light to your Sacral chakra.     Continue bringing the Light down to your Root/Base chakra.     Now finally imagine this white Light from your "I Am Presence" and your seven chakras continuing down to your legs, thru your feet and thru these roots into Mother Earth penetrating all the way down to her crystalline core.     Sit quietly now and become one with Mother Earth. You may choose to continue meditating for as long as you so choose. Now you have Grounded yourself Spiritually. For those who are having trouble visualizing that which I have just explained... simply refer to the graphic towards the top of the page. I designed it to show you exactly what you should be visualizing.
Grounding is something that almost everyone needs to stop and take the time to do. Most of us are so busy with our chaotic everyday lives and all that is going on in the world today, that we forget to slow down and take the time to ground our selves. When we have free time we sit enslaved to the TV set watching some sitcom or the World News. Watching the World News is the bigger evil of the two because it snares us into the chaotic events going on around the world producing thought forms of fear and anger. Thus keeping us even more enslaved to the Matrix. So we need to stop and ground ourselves Spiritually. What exactly is spiritual grounding? It is a Ritual of connecting ourselves to Mother Earth. There are also many ways to ground ourselves without doing any Rituals. We can simply take a walk through a park and enjoy nature or go to the beach and relax on the sand and swim in the waters. For some people certain types of music helps them ground their selves while they dance around. For some of you it can also be partaking in consuming vegetables for they are gifts from other Earth. For me personally a nice bloody steak does the trick.
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