Flying Witches - Ointments and Salves
         I want you all to erase those old visions in your mind of stereotype Witches riding on broomsticks through the night sky, just like in the picture above. This is because you will have whole new image Witches and broomsticks after reading this. It is safe to say that most everyone has seen these types of images even if they are not into Witchcraft or the Occult. Most of us see these cartoon-like images of Witches flying on broomsticks around Halloween time. We also see images of people flying on broomsticks in all of the Harry Potter movies as well. Did Witches of old truly fly on broomsticks? Can anybody fly on a broomstick using Occult methods? The answer is, yes and no. The Witches of old did not physically fly on broomsticks. They were able to fly through the astral planes by means of different Baneful and hallucinogenic herbs. Therefore, opening their minds eye and traveling out into the abyss. So now, let us examine how this imagery of Witches riding broomsticks came about. In days of old, the Witches did use a broomstick in the process of “setting up” their flight through the astral planes. They also had what was known as a “Flying Salve” for “Flying Ointment”. This salve or ointment was applied to the skin, which then absorbed into the bloodstream. This salve being made from Baneful herbs would open their subconscious mind. The word Baneful is another term for destructive, poisonous, harmful, or to cause death. So how did they truly apply this flying ointment to the body? You are going to love this part. After brewing their concoction for the flying ointment, they would apply it to a broomstick. They would then straddle the broomstick, just as you see in the stereotype images of the Witch flying. However, while doing so, they were rubbing their vaginal parts with the broomstick, thus absorbing the flying ointment into the bloodstream. This Ritual was also a sexual experience as well. Now you may laugh at what I am going to say next, but they would also apply the flying ointment to the very tip of the broomstick and insert it into their rectum. This is just like how we now have in modern times, suppositories which are simply medications inserted rectally so they go right into the bloodstream. We also have people out there who are doing drugs and inserting them into the rectum so that they can get high without having the stomach nausea that is accompanied by swallowing the drugs. In addition, the rectum has many blood vessels close to the surface, which allows the drugs to be absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream. They also used to apply their Flying Ointment to their armpits so that it could easily be absorbed into the sweat glands. So what are these Hallucinogenic herbs used to make the Flying ointment? These were Hallucinogenic compounds called tropane alkaloids and come from several different herbal plants: Deadly Nightshade, also known as Belladonna Mandrake Jimsonweed, also known as Devil's Trumpet and Thorn Apple Ergot mold (Not an herb, It is mold from Rye bread) Mandrake Cinquefoil Foxglove Here is a Myth about these Flying Ointments and Salves: The recipes for these ointments of old contained the fat of children. This however, is untrue. There were many other herbs that were used as well. Today in modern times, there are so many Hallucinogenic plants known to humanity that can be used to make a Flying ointment. However, this is not something to play with. You can die very easily trying to brew up your own concoction if you do not have the true knowledge to do so. I will also refer you to my page on Hallucinogens… Hallucinogens 4 Spiritual Purposes ***Disclaimer: This information is strictly for educational purposes. Do not try to ingest or apply any of these herbs to your body in any way shape or form.
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