False Paradigms 

• Politics • Religions • Education • For those of you who don't know what a paradigm is, it is a distinct concept, thought pattern or system of belief. There are 3 main paradigms that are “false” systems of belief. They are put in place to keep everyone ignorant of the truth. They are put in place to control you and how you think. Politics: In the US, we have a two-party system composed of Democrats and Republicans. This system allows you to choose to be a liberal Dumb Fuck or conservative Dumb Fuck. I say Dumb- Fuck, because these two parties are giving each other high fives behind closed doors because mainstream people think there really is a difference in the two party system. The only difference is what they say in the media. This false paradigm is intended to keep us divided. It is the system called “Divide and Conquer” and as you can see, it works very well indeed. All high-ranking politicians answer to the same Illuminati Elite who controls their puppet strings. They secretly all have the same agenda. As long as people believe in this false paradigm, we will never be united. The media which is controlled by the Elite, gets everybody worked up in anger and fear so that they hate their own brother, just because they are of a different political party. As I stated “divide and conquer” is the main agenda for the self-serving politicians and elite. Religions: Some people say, “Hallelujah, I’ve been saved”. Saved…? From what, rational thinking??? Religions are false paradigms that keep the sheep in fear and spiritual ignorance. They keep you enslaved to the 3rd dimension. They hide the spiritual truths, which could set you free from the illusion you live in. The Religions keep people fighting amongst each other, as to who has the truth. Once again, these false paradigms are geared to “divide and conquer” the masses. This is why the majority of us were indoctrinated into one of these systems as a child. Then some of us think we have awakened, and switch to a different religion. By doing so, you might learn some new information. However, the new information you learned, is just another party balloon filled with shit sprinkles. You do not need any religion, in your life and this includes those of you who are Wiccan. When you devote your critical thinking to a particular belief system, you narrow the channel of incoming information from the universe. When you refuse to devote yourself to one of these false paradigms, you open the door wide for the influx of advanced higher information from the universe to permeate your being. Education: Ah yes, the indoctrination system, It is designed to shape your brain throughout your early life, to believe that which the Elite want you to believe. Just like history. The history we are taught in school, teaches us how the government wants you to believe things happened. This way, they can cover up all their atrocities they have committed for centuries. The education system will is nothing more than a form of brainwashing. Nowadays, they do not want children to think outside the box. They do not want freethinkers. They want you to stay in the box with your blinders on. The truth is out there if you search for it. However, you will not find it in schools. I could go on and on about all three of these false paradigms. Nevertheless, I wanted to keep it short and sweet and to the point. Now you can sit back and ponder upon my words. Perhaps you have already awakened and broken free from these false paradigms. If so, I salute you and ask you to tell all your friends to Wake the Fuck up also… LOL. The more people that “Wake the Fuck up”, the more we will all be free from the lies that have been burned into our brains from the time we were children. . Let me be clear, I am not against educating one’s self. I am against learning lies. Oh, if you think there is going to be a paradigm shift… there just might be. Oh, look…! Another party balloon filled with shit sprinkles. Remember this… There can only be one truth to anything and everything. Even I used to think at one point that everyone has his or her own individual truth. There is no individual truth for each person. There is only one truth. Truth means truth. End of story.
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