Spiritual Retreats of the Etheric Planes

The information on this page is vital to your Spiritual growth and Ascension. It is also vital to the fate of mankind and this planet. First… what are the Etheric Planes? They are the interface between the 3rd and 4th Dimension. What is the 3rd Dimension? The 3rd Dimension is what you see every day for those of you who have not yet raised your vibrational rate or frequency and have yet to ascend. The 4th Dimension is your next step up in the Ascension process where you will be more aware of Angelic Beings around you… hearing and seeing things that others people do not. Each of the planes of existence carries its own vibratory rate. The rates ascend in frequency as you go higher up the ladder of planes or realities. OK, so back to the Etheric Planes. The etheric realm is a wonderful place with many Retreats that are basically “Castles or Cities in the Sky” shall we say. Do not get confused and think you are in Heaven, for you are not. These places are called “Etheric Retreats”. These Retreats are filled with classrooms and laboratories for people on the path of Ascension who wish to be students there. There is still time and space that exists on the etheric planes, but they are somewhat distorted. You may think you have been there for several hours only to find out you have only been out of body for a few minutes or so or vice versa. Yes, these places are where you are taken when you sleep if you ask the proper Beings of Light to take you there. Some of these places are above the earth and yet some are below the surface of the earth or ocean. These Retreats are everywhere around the globe as they also help set up a Light Grid for the planet. They are each run by a specific being of light… an Archangel, Ascended Master or Elohim. Each one of these beings teaches and initiates the student on a specific subject or intent. I am providing you a list of these Retreats so you may choose that in which you think you need to learn. Study them and see which one resonates to you and your Divine plan. Then when you lay down to sleep… ask the chosen Archangel, Ascended Master or Elohim to take you there in your sleep. You may simply just ask them or you may be more formal and use and Invocation like this one I am providing for you which I recommend you choose to do. By the Power of my Higher Self and call to (name of Archangel, Ascended Master or Elohim) to take me in Spirit to (name of Retreat) on the Etheric plane. I wish to follow the Path of Ascension for my Soul growth and for the benefit of mankind. I ask that I be taught all that is necessary for me to fulfill my Divine plan and to bring this planet into full Ascension. I ask that the teachings I receive be released into my waking consciousness as time is of the essence. I give my unconditional love and thanks to you beloved (name of Archangel, Ascended Master or Elohim) for I declare this now manifest. So be it...! One quick tip… before going to bed do a quick 7 Chakra meditation or as I now do… I put my sleep mask on and do my 3rd Eye Chakra meditation. I have a special sleep mask that I purchased from “Bed Bath and Beyond” that has a pocket at the top of it where I put my specific stones in there that are for the 3rd Eye Chakra… so these stones end up laying perfectly over my 3rd Eye. This helps accelerate the process. I use 2 stones… Lapis Lazuli and Kyanite. This truly makes a world of difference for me personally. You don’t have 2 do any of this. I am just trying to help you make it easier to get where you want to go.
etheric retreats
Etheric Retreats: Each of these following Beings of Light has a Retreat on the Etheric Planes. There are other Retreats that are Galactic, so they are further out in space and sometimes they are aboard Motherships of the Galactic Federation such as those of the Pleiadians, Arcturians and the Ashtar Command. But these here are the earthly Etheric Retreats for you to choose from. • Archangel Michael and Faith… Retreat is over Banff, near Lake Louise, in Alberta, Canada. You can go there to learn about God's will and about power, faith and protection • Archangel Jophiel… Retreat south of the Great Wall of China. This retreat helps people to overcome ignorance and for attaining greater illumination, understanding and wisdom. • Archangel Uriel… Retreat in the Tatra Mountains of Poland helps people find freedom by helping them to release fears and learn more about peace, ministration, and service. • Archangel Zadkiel… Retreat above Cuba, and shows people how to find tolerance, forgiveness and attain joy and divine freedom. Also works with the Violet Flame. • Archangel Metatron… Retreat over Findhorn, and helps people find truth and honesty with themselves and others. • Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael… Healing Retreat over Fátima, Portugal • Archangel Chamuel… Retreat is over St. Louis, Missouri. You can go there to learn to be more loving and compassionate, and to see how to improve your relationships and expand the Flame of Love. • Archangel Gabriel and Hope… Retreat is over an area between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California. You can go there for guidance and to learn how to attain greater purity, discipline, and order. Students also learn strategies of light and darkness and how to connect with ascended beings by raising our human consciousness to the level of the Christ. • Archangel Raphael… retreat is over Fatima, Portugal. You can go there to learn more about healing, truth, abundance, and for greater spiritual vision. Also helps travelers and healers. • El Morya… Temple of Good Will in Darjeeling India and Retreat in Yosemite Valley. Here, the Brothers of the Diamond Heart compassionately work with El Morya to infuse God’s will into human endeavors and matters of state. This is also where many community and even world leaders attend in their finer bodies during sleep to be charged with a renewed sense of purpose. • Paul the Venetian… Chateau de la Liberte in Southern France. Students come to pursue art and culture in their finer bodies in many classrooms where great works of art are displayed. They create a self-portrait that they hone from time to time, as their consciousness accelerates. A painting of the Holy Trinity created by the master with the inscription, “perfect love casts out all fear” emits a tremendous action of the Holy Spirit. In the Flame Room shines the threefold flame of love, wisdom and power as brightly as the sun, imparting to students the true meaning of liberty. • Christ and Lady Master Nada… Arabian Retreat in the Arabian Desert. The retreat has a chamber 300 feet high with large columns decorated with hieroglyphs, as well as adjoining council chambers, all resembling a Greco-Roman style of architecture. The retreat also contains a television chamber and a radio chamber, where any event on earth can be observed or heard at any time. In a chemical laboratory, students learn how to create antidotes to germ warfare. In other chambers, records of previous civilizations are kept and students learn to use the seven rays of God for the blessing of mankind. The retreat focuses the flame of peace. Jesus is in charge of this retreat and serves there with Lady Master Nada and legions of Peace. • Lady Master Nada… Rose Temple over New Bedford, Massachusetts. In the center of this retreat burns a flame of love that once burned in the Temple of Love on Atlantis, before the sinking of that continent. From this retreat, it radiates divine love and healing to the entire planet. Here students to come to her retreat to study divine justice, public service and how to become our brother's keeper. • Chananda and Lady Master Najah… The Palace of Light. This retreat is a magnificent 4 story white edifice with a great dome and rooms inlaid with violet and gold. In the retreat is a music room and observatory with scientific instruments not seen in the world and science laboratories. • Serapis Bey… Retreat in Luxor, Egypt. This is also an Ascension Temple. In the upper room of the pyramid is the king’s chamber, where students experience the initiations of the transfiguration and the resurrection. The ascension flame in the Ascension Temple was carried by Serapis Bey from Atlantis before the sinking of that continent. Here, the Council of Adepts conduct the last judgment of candidates for the ascension. Only after all initiations are passed does a candidate enter the flame room for the ascension ritual. At the given time, the candidate’s cosmic tone is sounded and the flame of Alpha descends from the ceiling while the flame of Omega rises from the floor. • St. Germain and the Divine Director… Rakoczy Mansion and Temple of the Maltese Cross in Romania. The retreat is a medieval castle hidden by a forest. In the large flame room, the violet flame of freedom blazes strong. The Temple of the Maltese Cross is an etheric retreat over the castle in the shape of a Maltese Cross, where records of past civilizations and plans for future golden ages are maintained. Here, students are taught divine alchemy and the consuming of past negative records through the violet transmuting flame. • Lord Lanto & and the Lords of Karma… Royal Teton Retreat over the Grand Teton, Wyoming. The retreat safeguards gold and jewels from earlier civilizations, as well as astounding musical instruments and scientific inventions that will someday be released to the outer world. Thousands of people attend this retreat while sleeping at night to pursue divine wisdom. • Hilarion and Pallas Athena… Temple of Truth over Crete. Here students learn all matters pertaining to cosmic truth, mathematics, music, the science of precipitation and healing. Here, the Brotherhood of Truth sponsors all would become emissaries of truth in every field. The columned temple has long marble steps like the Parthenon and many classrooms. On the central altar, the vibrant green flame of truth blazes. • Surya and Cuzco… Sacred Retreat of the Blue Flame in Fiji. The entire retreat is within the mountains and beneath the crystal blue waters northeast of Viti Levu. The retreat anchors the intense blue and pink flames of the power of love and has such a specialized function that only advanced initiates in physics and magnetic science are permitted to enter. Here, they work with ascended masters and cosmic instruments to maintain the spiritual and physical equilibrium of the earth and to ward off cataclysm. • Kuthumi… Retreat over Shigatse, Tibet and the Cathedral of Nature in Kashmir He invites students to come to his retreat and join the order of the Brothers of the Golden Robe. • Lanello… Retreat on the Rhine. It is a haven for the child of the heart, complete with gardens, lilies, swings and fairy gardens. Waters in a special fountain are touched by angels every twenty four hours and charged with the Holy Spirit of Alpha and Omega. Lanello invites us to come to his retreat to be refreshed, recharged and to learn about our divine plan. Courses are held to assist students to consciously serve with the Great White Brotherhood. • Great Divine Director… Cave of Light in the Himalayas. The Great Divine Director invites us to come to his retreat and asks us to prepare by surrendering our consciousness to the will of God and seeking divine direction for our lives. • Master Eriel… Retreat over the Arizona Desert. Here one learns the beauties of solitude, of aloneness, or all-oneness in God. In this atmosphere of complete separation from the world can one learn the involved science of the Light and Sound Rays. • John the Beloved… Retreat over the Arizona Desert. The master invites students to come to his retreat and learn the mastery of fire, air, water and earth through divine love. • Master of Paris… Retreat in Paris, France. Here, the ascended masters meet in the Council of Paris to help hold a spiritual balance for the governments of Europe. • Dwal Kul… Retreat in Tibet. Here students study divine yoga, the science of reunion with God. Here they study the human aura and meditate on the secret chamber of the heart, so that we can infuse divine love into everything we do. Students also learn about the cosmic clock, a higher astrology of the ascended masters, and how to invoke the flames of God to remove negative karmic conditions. • Christ and Mary… Resurrection Temple in the Holy Land. This retreat focuses the mother-of- pearl resurrection flame in a round building with two wings, surrounded by a field of lilies. This focus of resurrection fire over the Holy Land prepares students for the ascension ritual and raises the energies of mankind to a more spiritual place. Students are invited to come to this retreat to learn how to balance the threefold flame in the heart and to align their four lower bodies in preparation for the ascension. • Lord Maitreya… Retreat over Tientsin, China and one over the Himalayas. Maitreya invites students to come to receive higher initiations. In a large chapel of white marble, the flame of purity blazes and a large figure of Kuan Yin rests upon the altar attended by cosmic monks. Students who come to Maitreya's retreat receive ancient mystery school training through the illumination of the Christ and the strength of the Word for the mastery of the sacred fire. They may be given the initiations of the Buddha and are expected to express loving kindness in their interactions with one another. • Kuan Yin… Temple of Mercy over Beijing, China. Here there is a central pagoda that is six stories high with classrooms and council chambers where the brothers and sisters of mercy serve souls in need of compassion and forgiveness. On the ivory altar of the central pagoda blazes mercy’s flame, nourishing souls to keep on keeping on in an upward spiral, in spite of the weight of their karma. • Himalaya… Retreat of the Blue Lotus in the Himalayas. Carved in one of the highest mountains are seven chambers in an ascending pattern several hundred feet apart. Each chamber focuses the divine vibration of one of the seven rays of God, as an outer manifestation of the seven chakras. In the floor of the base chamber lies a most fragrant lotus pool. Behind this pool is the flame room, where a fiery pattern of the threefold flame burns as a magnificent lotus with a golden center, blue petals and pink radiance. On the first floor or the retreat, unascended yogic masters come to study and teach the Great Law. Moving from one chamber to the other becomes a process of initiation. The first three chambers are accessible by mounting a spiral staircase. Only adepts can frequent the top four chambers, reserved for deep meditation, by means of levitation or by shifting their electronic pattern to enter through the walls. Here, they enter the Great Silence and go into Nirvana for a specific time. Lord Himalaya invites students who are disciplined in the Law to attend his retreat in order to reach the pinnacle of being. • Amerissis, Goddess of Light… Shrine of Glory in the Andes. This retreat, called the Shrine of Glory, softly radiates God-Harmony to the earth through the seven rainbow rays of God in glowing white light. Four pillars mark the portal of the Greco-Atlantean structure. In the main hall, a chandelier of white diamonds hangs from the ceiling and the vibration of the retreat is so intense that noise cannot register. Amerissis invites us to her retreat to accelerate our personal momentum of devotion to the light and to help souls at the time of transition. She also teaches students how to overcome their three greatest stumbling stones with their three greatest strengths. • Goddess of Purity… Retreat over San Francisco and one over Madagascar. The Goddess of Purity invites students to come to her retreat to be cut free from the illusions of human creation, maya, glamour and karma, and to increase in Christ consciousness. • Queen of Light… Retreat over Sicily. Here she anchors Divine Light with Amerissis the Goddess of Light through the crystal flame, the crystal prism and the crystal fire mist. Her legions wield the crystal sword to cut through mankind’s densities and to free the children of the world. • Lord Poseidon… Retreat below the Atlantic Ocean. In the Temple of Poseidon one can learn the truth of the creation of man. One can transmute the Darkness to Light and learn how we have blamed our own transgressions on a fictitious “Devil” for centuries. We can learn how we have been veiled and how to lift the veil so that we may see the truth in all things. • Goddess of Liberty… Temple of the Sun, New York City. The main altar rests over the Statue of Liberty and radiates the threefold energy of God’s love, wisdom and power and the golden pink glow ray of illuminating love. The Goddess of Liberty invites students to come to her retreat to be recharged. • Meta… Healing Retreat over New England. Meta invites students to come to her retreat to learn the science of healing. She exposes false concepts and defines what is reality and truth. She also helps to anchor the crystal matrix for each child on earth. • Portia… Retreat over Ghana W. Africa. Here students come to her retreat to master the four elements and the balance between thought and feeling, masculine and feminine, justice and mercy. • Sanat Kumara and Gautama Buddha… Shamballa over the Gobi Desert. This is where Jesus ascended. The retreat, once physical on an island of the Gobi Sea, is now anchored in the etheric plane over the Gobi Desert. Here are the headquarters of the Great White Brotherhood on earth. The main temple of Shamballa has a gold dome and is surrounded by fountains and seven smaller temples on a wide avenue lined with trees, flowers and tropical birds. On the altar blazes the threefold pink, blue and gold flame of divine love, wisdom and power. The star of Sanat Kumara hangs on the ceiling above it. Sanat Kumara invites students to come to his retreat to learn the ruby ray initiations of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service through the four cosmic offices of the Lion, the Calf, the Man and the Flying Eagle. • Gautama Buddha… The Western Shamballa in Montana. Students are invited to come to his retreat to learn to overcome the temptations of Demon “Mara” and to become awakened. • Master Tabor… Retreat in the Rocky Mountains that has jeweled, rainbow colored, crystalline walls. The retreat radiates the seven rays of God into the world, and specifically the ray of protection for the sealing of the emerging Christ consciousness in the sons and daughters of God, the youth and in nature. The retreat also contains a focus of gold and ancient manuscripts on the laws of God. • Maha Chohan… Temple of Comfort over Sri Lanka. The Maha Chohan invites students to come to his retreat to learn how to receive the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. • God and Goddess of Meru… Temple of Illumination at Lake Titicaca. Here are many classrooms and council chambers that contain the records of ancient civilizations as well as the divine plan for the incoming seventh root race. Students are invited to come here during sleep to bask in the glow of illumination’s flame and to learn how to become teachers of mankind. • Vaivasvata Manu… Retreat in the Himalayas. Here a special flame blazes that holds a pattern of Christ consciousness and magnetizes souls of the fifth root race. Here, souls of the fifth root race are invited to come learn of their unique divine plan and to be cut free from outer impediments that run counter to their mission on earth. By cultivating the virtue of absolute obedience to the Master, they can secure new patterns of loveliness, devotion and self-mastery. • Lady Master Venus… Retreat of the Divine Mother in Montana. This retreat focuses the white fire, blue fire sun and the energies of the Divine Mother, specifically Lady Master Venus, twin flame of Sanat Kumara. In this vast retreat are many council chambers where students are invited to come. Here they can receive assistance from the ascended masters in working out problems that may arise in daily interactions with others. • Palace of White Marble… in the Himalayas. This retreat has a gold dome and four minarets on each side of the building. It contains some of the most powerful focuses of the Great White Brotherhood on Earth. In a large meditation room are three flames of God and cosmic glyphs that radiate a God power so intense they cannot be gazed on by mortal eye. For this reason, students can only worship at this altar after their ascension. • Cha Ara… Retreat over Persia. Here you will earn the mysteries of the sacred fire and the path of Zarathustra. Students who receive this preparation are candidates to come to the mountain retreat of Zarathustra, a replica of the secret chamber of the heart at an undisclosed location. • Oromasis and Diana… Retreat of the Fiery Salamanders. Here they tend the sacred fire with priests and priestesses of the Order of Melchizedek. Oromasis and Diana invite students to come to their retreat and learn how to assist elemental life. • Hercules and Amazonia… Retreat over Half Dome, Yosemite National Park. One enters the retreat through a large portal between two gigantic white pillars into an octagon-shaped hall. In the center of the retreat is a large blue/white diamond that intensifies the radiation of the Elohim. Students, Masters, Angels and teams of Conquerors attend this retreat to focus the energies of the will of God in specific service to the Brotherhood of Light. • Apollo and Lumina… Retreat over Lower Saxony, Germany. The retreat has three levels, with a meditation room on each level that can welcome 1,000 angels. In the meditation room on the first floor is a golden yellow ball that looks like a whirling galaxy. On the next level is a sphere of sapphire blue, and on the top level, another yellow sphere. The retreat also holds classrooms, laboratories, libraries and archives. Students are invited to come here to quicken the "mind of God" and the seven aspects of the Christ mind within them, in order to help anchor a golden age through illumined and intelligent action. • Heros and Amora… Retreat over Lake Winnipeg, Canada. It has four levels and the throne of Elohim is on the top level. Beautiful sculptures adorn this retreat and universally convey the laws of divine love as the connecting power of the microcosm and the macrocosm. Heros and Amora invite us to come to their retreat to learn to challenge and overcome all forces of anti-love that oppose our spiritual reunion with our Christ Self and with our beloved twin flame. • Purity and Astre… Retreat over the White Sea, Russia. In the Hall of Elohim and other rooms and classrooms. In a room with a sapphire blue radiance is a whirling circle and sword of blue flame with an intensity that cuts through all negative human creation. Students are invited to come to this retreat to learn to use the circle and sword of blue flame to cut themselves and their loved ones free of all manners of addictions blocking their spiritual progress. • Cyclopea and Virginia… Retreat over the Altai Mountains. The retreat has a large emerald crystal front that resembles a church with three steeples. The central room has a vaulted ceiling and six crystal green pillars that sustains a focus of the all seeing Eye of God within a triangle. An adjacent room anchors the flame of green and gold for precipitation. An indoor garden features magnificent flowers and tropical birds. Cyclopea and Virginia invite us to come to their retreat to regain wholeness by anchoring the single-eyed spiritual vision that was lost when mankind embraced the concepts of duality and relativity, and by learning how to correctly use our power of creativity to fulfill our divine plan.  Peace and Aloha… Retreat over the Hawaiian Islands. Here there is the Temple of Peace. The purple and gold flames that emanate from this temple in concentric heart-shaped rings release the flame of peace that Christ invoked when he calmed the raging sea with his fiat, “Peace, be still.” In the main edifice graced with circular walls and white pillars is the Great Hall of Peace, where the flame of peace burns. Surrounding the altar are anchored the Secret Rays of God. Here you will learn how to become like Saint Francis, instruments of peace. • Arcturus and Victoria… Retreat over Angola. The retreat looks like a fortress with towers like the Tower of London made of rough purple stone. The council chambers on the inside also have vibrant purple hues. Many angels and elementals attend and serve in this retreat. Here you are invited to learn how to use the violet flame to overcome difficult situations on a personal and planetary scale, and to transmute darkness into light.
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