culling the masses

Culling the Masses - Depopulation 

Please understand that I am not some paranoid conspiracy theorist. What I'm telling you is not a theory. What I'm telling you is fact. It is told to me personally by the Celestial Gods Enlil and Enki. I do not walk around in fear every day that the government is trying to kill me off. I live my life to the fullest but I pay attention to everything around me and everything in life. I do not walk around like the typical mainstream person who simply gets up every morning and goes to their 9-to-5 job then comes home to their family for dinner, goes to bed only to wake up and do the same the next day being completely unaware of that which is truly going on in the world and when I say "what is going on in the world", I don't mean current events that the media has pushed down your throats. I mean what is truly going on in the world that people do not realize. I do not care if you do not believe the words of which I speak. I am here to inform you and then you may make your own opinion to keep in your own little world. So you can live with blinders on for the rest of your life or you can wake up and be informed. I do strongly suggest that all of you start reading more information on the Illuminati and the New World Order. These Emblems you see below belong to those who have been working hard to make your life much shorter than God has intended. Yes, the United Nations, the CIA, the World Health Organization and the European Union along with many others. They are all part of the "New World Order". They are the Dark Illuminate forces made up up the wealthiest people on the face of this planet. They are making their last effort to control the world and put in place a system of totalitarianism. They are determined to reduce the complete world population to a mere 500,000,000 people. They are the ones setting up their Energy Grids of Darkness to enslave the world to the lower astral planes and counter balance those of us who are working the Light and setting up our Energy Grids of Light around the world. They will tell you that there mission is to unite the world as one big happy family. Bullshit! So now I will tell you of their plan called "the Great Culling". For those of you who are not familiar with the term "Culling", it is simply a less harsh term than the word "Killing". Usually culling is done in the animal groups when there is overpopulation of a specific species which may upset the balance of nature. But now it is you people my dear friends. It is our time to be "Culled". Yes, as the world has now become overpopulated, it is time to "cull" the population. But their are actually 3 reasons. The first reason is our government is running out of money because they are printing and spending it just as fast as they spend it. I truly do not understand anyone be it Democrat or Republican can say that it is okay for our government to keep spending it the way they are doing. As our deficit is now in the $15 trillion mark, it is time to start killing off some of the population. Yes we're running out of money so in the eyes of the government, culling the population will cut down on the cost of Medicare, Medicaid, welfare and many other things. The second reason is simply because of overpopulation. It was bound to happen sooner or later and in a way it makes sense that there would be a culling of the population. In this next statement I will probably offend many people but I am simply telling you the facts. One of the main reasons this world is overpopulated is because of people who do not use birth control. There are many people out there who cannot afford children yet they continue to have numerous children. Thus they live off the government which is already in debt up to its ass. Then you have people like the Pope who go around the world preaching that birth control such as condoms and contraceptives is against God's will. This is a moronic statement if there ever was one. Because of people like the Pope there will now be a great culling. So basically he is saying do not use birth control, do not worry, later in life the government will kill you. The truth is, you should not have more than two children. Yes we all love children as do I but there is no need to have more than two children. If you are wealthy enough, then I believe it is okay to have more than two children if you adopt them. This way innocent children who have no parents will be able to have a home to call their own. I am not saying that there should be abortions. I am saying that being a male or female, once you have had two children, you should get snipped or have your tubes tied so that you cannot have anymore children. All you mothers and fathers out there reading this and getting mad at me, well I am not the one killing off our population. I am simply telling you why the government is doing what it is doing and what could have been done to prevent this. Once again, those of you who could care less and wonder around the world spilling your seed not thinking of the consequences, you are the ones who have contributed to the overpopulated world and will now be killed off along with the rest of us. The 3rd reason is they wish to bring the world population to only 500,000,000 people. This will make it much easier for them to put in place methods to control the masses because there will be less people that make up the masses. In their eyes you will be microchip implanted so that they will know where you are and what you are doing 24-7. Thus you will be a prisoner to this planet. Do not think for a second that your own government would not kill you in a heartbeat. Our government has done so many atrocious things to its own people and especially to our own brave men and women in uniform. Each time we go to war the Military makes it mandatory that our service men and women get certain vaccinations and such to supposedly protect them from Bio-weapons and other bad things. When in fact the Military is simply experimenting our our brave men and women of uniform. I have many friends who have served in the war and have serious medical conditions resulting from the medications and vaccinations they were given while serving. When you serve in the military you cannot refuse these vaccinations or they will throw your ass in the Brig (Military Jail). The same goes for every government of every country in this world. They have experimented on the populations for many years and still continue to do so. As you may have read from my page entitled "Death from Above", you will understand that the government sprays these chemicals in the air known as Chemtrails to kill off the population. It is what is called a soft kill. Yes, instead of just dropping a bomb in your front yard, they will just spray chemicals in the air for you to breathe so that you will die sooner than you should have. Here in Florida the Chemtrails are very bad. This is because many of the elderly come from around the United States to live in Florida where the weather is warmer and kinder to their arthritis and many other ailments. So this is a prime target for the government to start killing off people. Ah yes, we will kill off the old people so that will cut down on our costs of Medicare Medicaid and Social Security. Which brings to mind this current event. More than 1,800 Veterans have received notices from the John Cochran VA Medical Center in St. Louis, Mo. warning them of the possible exposure to HIV, hepatitis, and several other diseases through contaminated dental instruments, according to CBS News. The letters concern those who received dental work between February 2009 to March 2010. Veterans will be offered free screenings for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV. There are many other methods that the government is using to kill off or cull the population. Understand that when the world defeated Hitler, the USA took in most all of the Nazi Scientists to work for us who were experts at killing and experimenting on humans. Need I say more? Although our government pretends to act like they care about your health, what you eat and what you put in your body, they are so full of shit it is not funny. They put on this act pretending to care about what you eat yet they are the ones responsible for putting the bad things in food that will help kill you off earlier in life. They also say they are against the manufactures of cigarettes yet they are truly in bed with these companies such as R.J. Reynolds. Vaccines: Do not ever get flu vaccines for yourself or your children! Our Government is intent on carrying out a mass genocide against the people of the United States by using an artificial genetic flu pandemic virus and forced vaccine program to cause mass death and injury and depopulate America in order to transfer control of the United States to the United Nations and affiliated security forces (UN troops from countries such as China, Canada, the UK and Mexico). There is proof many organizations – World Health Organization, UN as well as vaccine companies such as Baxter and Novartis – are part of a single system under the control of a core criminal group, who give the strategic leadership, and who have also funded the development, manufacturing and release of artificial viruses in order to justify mass vaccinations with a bio-weapon substance in order to eliminate the people of the USA, and so gain control of the assets, resources etc. of North America which is all part of the New World Order agenda. The H1N1 Swine Flu Virus was a big joke. Our government tried their best to create a pandemic but it failed. They used the Media which they control to push this and to create panic in the masses so everyone runs out to get this vaccine. You see our CIA creates the viruses. The Virus just did not appear out of thin air. So they create the Virus and they create the supposed cure which is a vaccine which will actually end your life much earlier. Plus you must understand that the CIA and government have created Implants that are so tiny they will go thru a needle. So when you get you Vaccine of any kind you are also getting an implant. These implants are so they can keep track of where you are and what you are doing. They can also use these implants to control the thoughts of the masses. These implants are so small that they can only be seen under a microscope. So even your Doctor does not know this and if you ask him he will deny it. Trust no one in the Medical Industry. Aspartame: Ah yes, good ol' aspartame. This is used as an artificial sweetener in almost everything imaginable. Your Diet Coke, your sugar-free gum, the list goes on and on. Aspartame is a dangerous chemical. They will tell you that this chemical has been deemed safe by 90 countries worldwide. The FDA will tell you that which they want you to hear. Understand that the FDA is a major farce. Ever wonder why they approved drugs and being unsafe only to find out a couple years later that these drugs that the FDA approved now calls all kinds of problems in the body. The FDA approves that which they are given money to approve. They are not concerned about your health. They are just as corrupt as the government. It is all about money just like the whole medical system is about money and nothing more than a scam. aspartame is composed of aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol. The aspartic acid acts as a neuroexcitatory agent. When NutraSweet is digested, it yields 10% methanol (wood alcohol). The wood alcohol (methanol) is widely distributed throughout the body including brain, muscle, fat and nervous tissue. It is then metabolized the form formaldehyde which enters the cells and binds to proteins and DNA. These findings have been confirmed many, many times and the DNA - protein - Cross links are believed to cause cancers in experimental animals changes in the genetic material is associated with cancer production in humans. The ability of aspartame to call cellular mutations has been shown to studies and that there are increases in malignant brain tumors that suggest to be associated with use of aspartame. It is a known stimulant for cancer and genetic damage in the cells. On one last note: aspartame is also known to make men sterile. Thus once again cutting down on the population. MSG: This food additive is truly bad for the body. It is in almost everything you will find in your kitchen cabinet. It is a Substance added to foods and beverages that literally stimulate the neurons in your brain to death causing brain damage. It is not just MSG. Its is also other excitotoxins such as Aspartame (Nutrasweet), hydrolyzed protein, cystein and aspartic acid. So pay attention when buying processed foods. There are many brands of food out there that you can purchase that do not have MSG or these other chemicals within them. I will tell you the biggest reason why it is bad for you. Although it was supposedly developed as a food enhancer it actually designed to dummy down the brain. Yes it is designed to make you stupid. MSG is almost like a brainwashing chemical. It makes you more susceptible to crap that the government pushes down your throat thru the media sources. So you can ignore my warnings and go about your everyday life. Or you can wise up and give a big middle finger to the government who allows this shit to be put into your food supply. The truth about Cancer: the truth about cancer is that there has been a cure for cancer for many years. Just as there has been a cure for the common cold since before the time that I was even born. Once again it is all about money and keeping the population down. If there was a cure for cancer then there were to be a lot more people in the world. If there was a cure for cancer then there would be a lot less money for the drug companies to make. So do not waste your time sending money to cancer charities were walking these marathons to raise money for cancer awareness. What they need to have is awareness for ignorance. It is time to wake up people and realize that the government is not on your side and neither is the medical industry. I believe it is a great thing to donate money to children who have terminal cancer. I believe it is a good thing to donate money to help them materialize their last wishes before they leave this physical plane. So yes some charities like the "Make a Wish Foundation" are truly awesome! But sending money to help agencies find a cure is a joke. These agencies already have government funding from your tax dollars. Any time one of these agencies stumbles across something new that might help with cancer, the government will step in and squash them like a bug. The government simply cannot have everyone living completely healthy for endless years. It would cost them too much money and once again overpopulate the world. Our government has had cures for many different diseases. You need to also understand that it is our government and CIA who has created many of these diseases in order to cull the population. Here are some other big ones created by our CIA labs. Aids... created by the government/CIA to "Cull" the population Ebola... created by the government/CIA to "Cull" the population Marburg... created by the government/CIA to "Cull" the population If you are looking for cures for diseases, you need to look within your own self. Disease cannot live in a body filled with Light. Therefore if your body is filled with Darkness or I should say the absence of Light then you are a prime candidate for disease. This does not mean you are an evil person. It simply means that you have not stepped up your vibrations and become more spiritual therefore you are not filled with Light. This has nothing to do with religion. This has to do with your body of Light. Your chakras and your aura along with your vibrational rate. Therefore, do not spend your money on charities that are searching for a cure. That is like sending your money to help people develop an alternative fuel for our cars. Ever notice that every couple years you will hear of somebody coming up with an alternative fuel and then you never hear from them again. Yes that's right, the government steps in and squashes their ass. The government does not want them interfering with their oil money. The same goes for cures for diseases. The government does not want you to stop their culling of the population or designing a medicine that they themselves cannot make money off of. There are many charities out there worth giving money to so don't get me wrong. Just make sure you know where your money is going and what it is going for. If it is to help someone who is dying and that is a good thing. If it is to help some agency find a cure, then do not waste your money. Terrorism: Yes our government will more than likely soon create another "False Flag" attack. This is like 911 where our government trains these Terrorist and allows them to kill many people. This is so they may justify many things such as going to war or installing cameras everywhere for your protection (which will be used to spy on you). They will soon create another attack probably of a Bio-Chemical nature so that it will kill off many people in one shot. Do you realize that someone could use something so simple as a redneck potato launcher to hurl a couple of Bio Weapon grenades into a Super Bowl stadium and it would kill almost everyone in that stadium? Trust me, there will be something of this nature that will soon happen. Our government will allow it to happen so they can Cull the people and then put more control measures in place that they will state is for your protection when all along it is designed to control and keep track of you! Isn't life wonderful? Take note that the CIA trained Osama Bin Laden and has trained many others so that they can cull the population and create fear. Remember this is a Fear based world. War: Ever notice that there is never a clear victorious winner in any of the wars that we are in? Many of you do not realize this and you may not accept what I'm going to tell you because you live by the word of the media and what you are told throughout your whole life. Most all wars are created for 2 reasons. The first reason is to fund World Bank's and weapons builders. The other reason is to simply "cull" the population. And when I say culling the population, I mean killing off our own brave men and women in uniform. Most of the wars we fight, the opposing governments are actually on the same side. They are told by the illuminate who is to fight who and so forth. This does not mean wars from long ago such as the Civil War or anything before that time in history. This means every war that has ever been fought in recent times. Ever listen to one of our presidents such as George Bush or Obama speak about the war? They may say "we are going to win this war". But there is no "we". You don't see the Pres. out there on the front lines with a weapon in his hand. No, you see our brave men and women in uniform putting their ass on the line for what they think is defending our country. This is the biggest thing that a military person will argue with you. They say they are defending America's freedom. What they do not know is that our CIA trains these terrorists and aids and abides most of our enemies for they are truly friends with them behind closed doors. Once again this is because it provides money for weapons builders and help finance world banks and it "culls" the population my friends. It is time to wake up and realize this. It is all controlled by the illuminati. I do not wish to discredit anyone who is putting their asses on the line for what they think is freedom. For you are truly the brave. Do some real research and study on the illuminati and how they control all governments of the world. Then you will understand that you are not fighting for freedom. You are only feeding the rich and culling the population. Once again, this is why you never see a clear Victor in any recent wars be it Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes we may have helped liberate Iraq from a dictator. But we truly never won a clear victory. Once everyone realizes that whether it be George Bush Senior, Clinton, George W. Bush or Obama, these presidents are all of a very Dark bloodline and they are controlled by the illuminati. These presidents are not elected, they are selected by bloodline. Your vote means absolutely nothing. Voting is nothing more than a joke on you to make you think that your opinion means something. All government officials be it Democrat or Republican work for the illuminati. These are very Dark Reptilian/Draconian beings. They are the biggest criminals on the face of this earth. Most of them are involved in blood ritual sacrifice and pedophilia. These are your true Satan worshipers. These are the assholes that are in charge of the world we live in. *Let me also clarify one thing. I stated that they were Dark Reptilian/Draconian beings. However, understand that not all Reptilian/Draconian beings are Dark or Evil. This is the same that applies to any race of ET's or humans. You have your good ones and you have your bad ones in every race that exists. Also, as I have been told by Higher Beings, certain people or Beings are not Evil. They are "Misguided". We all came here to serve a purpose be it Dark or Light to hold the balance of polarities.* Yes this is hard for me to except but it is what I have been told many times over by those whom watch over me. This page was not intended to create "Fear". It was intended to wake your ass up! Pay attention to the world around you in detail. Take your damn blinders off. Do not accept that which your government tells you as truth. Do not walk around each day like a robot programmed by the government. For those who continue to not pay attention, you are the "Sheep" and you will be "Culled". Start doing some studying on the illuminati and you will be amazed that life is not that you thought it was. So go now and wake up. The New World Order is upon us.
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