Crystals and How to Use Them

At the request of many people I decided to go ahead and make a simple page on Crystals and their use. I am simply going to give you basic information on them and also how I use them myself in Magic, Spirit/ET Communication, Meditation, Plants and Healing. I myself have many Crystals that I use for the above stated intentions. So it is time to share some information on these wonderful creations that Mother Earth gives us. They are mothered nature's batteries that can be used to energize almost anything. Sometimes I put one of my small Crystals in my pocket before you go to work to fend off negative energy and to make me feel better. Here is another strange story believe it or not many years ago I had a high-performance Volkswagen and I would tape a small Crystal to the fuel line right where the fuel line comes into the carburetor. It actually improved my gas mileage and my performance. Yes this is very true, believe it or not. Not only are Crystals Mother natures batteries but they also act as recorders, for the record everything that goes on around them. So yes they can absorb good energy and bad energy depending on the environment they are placed in. This is also why your Crystals should be cleansed. They are living Entities from Mother Earth that are programmable and require cleaning and Love. Crystals emanate an amazing energy field. The elemental spirits will love to bathe in their energy. I know that when I go to sleep at night my little Burmese cat goes ape shit! The energies in my house from all the high vibrating spirits and all the Crystals in my house are just way too much energy for my cat to handle. This energy overwhelms her. She is an inside cat, so she just has to deal with it. But during the day every once in a while I would take her outside for a few minutes to let her shake off all that energy. It is not bad energy... it is all good energy but it freaks her out because it is so intense. And usually when she goes crazy at night I have to ask Archangel Michael to calm her down so that all the energy does not bother her so much. Crystals have so many uses that I will not be able to cover them all on this page. But If you think about it, Crystals are used in so many things in everyday life. They are used in stoplights, computers, radios, the space shuttle and so many other things around us in daily life. They can even be used to make Psionic weapons. It is just that most people do not realize how powerful and useful Crystals truly are. But as I stated this page is going to be very basic. For one could truly write a very large book on the details and uses of Crystals. There are many varieties of Quartz Crystals. They come in many different sizes, lengths and shapes. There is also what is called the double terminated Crystal and the single terminated Crystal. The double terminated Crystal is considered a perfect Crystal to some people. It has six elongated sides and at each end of the Crystal is a six faceted or shall we say permitted shaped end. They are not grown from a matrix like most Crystals. They are formed by their selves in muddy or sandy areas of the Earth. These Crystals are great for Healing and can be placed in between the chakras because Light energy to flow upwards or downwards. Some people find a more comfortable to hold in their hand than the single terminated Crystal. My favorite is the single terminated Crystal. Like the double terminated Crystal it has six elongated sides one and that has a six faceted end while the other end is flat from where it has been cut free from the matrix that it was grown in. Yes these single terminated Crystals are grown in a matrix. As you'll see from this next picture there is a large base of the Crystal which is known as the matrix with the many Crystal terminals extending outwards. The reason I like the single terminated Crystal the best is because of the one end being flat. This means I can set this Crystal facing upward anywhere I so choose. Developing the 3rd Eye: For developing the 3rd Eye you can do as I do. Lay down and place one of your single terminated Crystals upon your forehead slightly above the eyebrows and right in the middle. I suggest using the Crystal that a short but stout. If it is too tall it will simply all over at your slightest movement. This is why you want one that a short. Of course the thicker it is the more stability it will have in staying place on your forehead. You don't want to have to sit there and try and balance a Crystal on your for head while meditating on your third Eye. You want to be able to relax and even have possible slight movement without the Crystal falling over were falling off your head or poking you in the eye. Once you are in position and have your Crystal in its proper place... this will greatly enhance your ability to concentrate on the proper area of where your third eye is. You will feel the pressure of the Crystal sitting there on your forehead which enables you to totally focus on that exact area where the third Eye is located. I've noticed by doing this, I do not lose my concentration. For all your attention is focused on the slight pressure you feel upon your forehead where the Crystal is. Now that you are totally focused you can visualize the spinning blue ball of Light which is your third eye or brow chakra.
crystals crystals
Plants: Crystals are also great to use around your plants, after all Crystals are made by Mother Earth just like your plants are. You can use them to energize your plants and make them grow stronger and more happy. You can also use them to nurse sick plants back to health. My plants love having the Crystals around them. It's like a shot of Red Bull for them except they don't get an energy crash. In this picture you can see two of my herbs... Sweet Basil and Rosemary. Soon as I brought them home from the nursery I placed my Crystals around them and they perked up like they were as happy as can be. You can also take some of your smaller skinny Crystals and shoved them down into the soil next to the base of the plant. This will help your plant to grow big and strong as it energizes your plant each day.
Meditation: In Meditation Crystals can be used to enhance your experience and to help you connect with your higher self. Simply place yourself in whatever your favorite Meditation position be it setting up in the lotus position or laying down. You may take your choice of a single terminated or double terminated Crystal and place it within your hand. You may place one in each hand to balance or should say complete your circuit. If you so choose, you may take many Crystals and simply place them all around you creating a large force field of pure energy of the highest good. Now all you have to do is meditate on whatever you so choose knowing that these Crystals are going to enhance your experience to the utmost. For the most part you can be creative and try meditating with your Crystals in many different ways and see what works best for you. Always remember this... just because I tell you something or a book tells you something, does not mean that that is how you must do it. Get creative and experiment and write down the results of your findings. Even if something is written in stone does not mean that that is how it must be. Drinking water: Yes you can use Crystals to enhance your drinking water. Simply take your pitcher of water and place a Crystal in it then put it back in the fridge and leave it there for several hours. I simply take my small bottles of Zephyrhills water and place a small Crystal in it and leave it for the day. Then later that evening I drink it to infuse my body with all the benefits that Crystals behold. You can also place one in your lemonade or ice tea if you so choose. But you need to leave it in there for several hours so that the liquid absorbs the energy from the Crystal, but for the full effects you should lerave it in there for at least 8 hours. Even better is to leave in in your water or drink over night. Healing: For Healing I take my Crystals while laying down and place them in the areas where I have pain or that simply need Healing. After my last flesh hook suspension I used my Crystals to heal my wounds and amazingly they healed much faster than ever before. I held my Crystal in my hand and made a circular clockwise motion over each wound for several minutes then moved to the next wound. I repeated this for a couple nights. You may also find yourself Crystals of different varieties for whatever your particular needs are for Healing. As I stated there are many varieties of Crystals and each of them has their own energy qualities. You can also use Crystals or spiritual feeling such as aligning, clearing and opening your chakras. They can be used for long-distance feeling for a friend that maybe sick but is too far away to physically be with.
Magic: In Magic Crystals can be used to enhance your spells. You can place them on your altar as I have many on mine. These Crystals on your altar will act as beacons of Light sending out the sympathetic vibrations that you wish to manifest into the physical world. I do not suggest using your Crystals for any form of Black Magic. For remember, Crystals are just like a digital recorder that records every thought and action around it. now as I stated before there are many varieties of Crystals and thus each one has its own different type of energies that it exerts. So for instance if you are doing a love spell... you could use a Rose Quartz Crystal for it is associated with the heart chakra.
Here you can see the Crystals surrounding a Candle Spell I was working on.
Spirit and ET Communication: Since Crystals are amplifiers of energy this makes them perfect for a communication device. Crystals are great to use for communicating with higher beings such as Angels and Ascended Masters. Being that Crystals are pure energy they will also attract higher vibrating spirits around you because of your energy field being and up by these beautiful living gems that Mother Earth has given us. So when you're trying to be in touch with your higher Christ self... grab one of your Crystals to hold while invoking your I am presence. I personally do what I was told to do by the Sumerian God Enlil. That is to place my largest Crystals on the nightstand next to my bed so that I can raise the vibrations in my energy field to allow these higher vibrating beings into my space. Many higher vibrating beings or deities do not like to be in areas where the vibrations are low. Even though they can go wherever they so choose... they prefer to have a higher energy field. So as I stated I placed my largest Crystals on my nightstand next to the bed and then I go to sleep. But as I reached be borderline sleep level, I ask certain deities to come to me while I sleep so they may teach me things and advance my spirituality. Sometimes I go to sleep and hold the Crystals in my hand and other times I placed them on top of my chest is I'm laying down. I am using my Crystals like the phone system or I should say a paging system. I know that when I have my Crystals with me that they are amplifying my calls the deity like a large speaker but goes on to the universe for all to hear. The Crystal that I use the most is my very large Smoky Quartz Crystal. Here you can see my monster sized Smoky Quartz Crystal. This thing generates enough power to Light up a house. It's no wonder my cat goes crazy at night...! This Crystal weighs 10 lbs. and cost me right at $360.00. The smaller one which is actually still quite large weighs about 1 lb. The second pic shows the the big one and small one 2gether. I call the big one MOAC. Which stand for "Mother of all Crystals". These Girls are not only great for Communicating with ETs but also good for removing Negative Energies.
crystals crystals
Cleansing your Crystal: The full moon is a good time to clean and clear all your Crystals. The best method is to place them in a bowl of salt water for 24 hours.  You may use sea salt or table salt.  About 1/4 cup of salt to 1 liter of water is a perfect but you do not have to be exact in measuring this.  Rinse your Crystals with regular water afterwards. Now they are clear of all negative energies they may have possibly absorb and are ready for you to use again. Charging your Crystal: The full moon is the best time to charge your Crystals. You may charge and consecrate them over your altar as you would any other magical tool or Talisman. Truly the best way is to take them outside during the full moon and leave them there overnight so they can absorb the energy of the moon. Or you may consecrate and charged them on your altar and then take them outside during the full moon to absorb the energy. Whatever you so choose is what will be best for you... so be it. Buying Crystals: There are many places to buy Crystals online. There are many small mom-and-pop shops that sell some really nice Crystals. You can also find them on eBay but be careful of one thing. Do not buy Crystals that come from China. Look and see where the seller is and if it's coming from China... take my advice and do not buy it. The reason is... they are selling fake and reconstituted Crystals making them look like they are the true ones grown from other Earth. I found this out the hard way myself by purchasing one. It looked more like a large piece of glass that somebody took a hammer to and made inclusions to. I noticed that they are getting better and better at making their fake Crystals look like they are the real thing. But you will notice one thing that is a dead giveaway. The price is so much cheaper. You can buy humongous sized Crystals for dirt cheap. Then compare the price of the same size Crystal to one sold from Brazil or United States. You will see that the ones that come from Brazil and the United States cost much more... but they are the real deal. So if you buy a Crystal on eBay... make sure the seller is from Brazil or anywhere in South America or the United States. But if you're just searching online for shops that sell Crystals, then you should be safe as most all of them are legit. Sharing your Crystals: Never share your Crystals with anyone unless you're going to simply give them to a friend as a present. But do not share them with others. Just like your magical tools which you do not share with other people. Your magical tools and your Crystals should only contain your vibrations along with those of the universe. So simply keep your Crystals to yourself. Your Crystals are your most Powerful Magical Tools.
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