The Sorcerer’s Crystal Ball
We have all seen images of the stereotype Gypsy with her hands around the Crystal Ball and gazing into it to tell someone their future. However, the crystal ball can be used to see in to the Past, Present, and Future. Seeing or Gazing into the Crystal Ball is called Scrying. It is the same principle as using the Black Mirror or gazing in to a pond for divination purposes. Some say that the Crystal Ball being used in divination originated from the Druids. However, they may go back to a time way before the Druids, as no one is certain. The Crystal Ball itself can be made from natural quartz crystal or from glass. The most common is made from reconstituted quartz crystal. The Crystal Ball has no real power itself. It is nothing more than a focal point that facilitates the “Seer” in clearing their mind of distractions so that future truths or events will become known to them. So in essence, they are not seeing images within the crystal itself. They are seeing images from their own mind or from the Astral or Etheric planes of existence. The Crystal Ball is also used in High Magick for the Art of Invoking Angelic Beings of Light into the Crystal. Once again, these Angels are not actually in the crystal. They are on another plane of existence and the Seer is using his own Psychic powers or Astral Vision to see onto that dimension. They use the Black Mirror for Demons and other lower vibrating spirits and the Crystal Ball for higher vibrating spirits. I tend to disagree with this, as I believe that one should be able to use either device for any type of spirit. I tend to find the Black Mirror much easier to see onto the other dimensions compared to the Crystal Ball. Therefore, you will have to decide which is best for you in any given situation of divination. The art of Crystal Ball Scrying is not an easy task. In fact, it is quite difficult indeed. The “Key” here in mastering this art is having developed your astral vision. Once again, I find that it is more difficult when using the Crystal Ball compared to using the Black Mirror. This requires patience and discipline. One must be able to block out all outside interference, noises, and the rambling of one’s own mind. You need to set your Crystal Ball on some form of a stand that will hold it in place like the one I own in the picture at the top of this page. Some people recommend holding it in your hands, but this makes for instability unless you can be perfectly still for quite some time. By using a stand, you have one less thing to worry about. You will want to place your ball and stand on a table where you will be very close to it when gazing into it. After doing so, light some candles and incense. Then turn off the lights in the room. Remember, you are setting the mood for you mind so the visions will come. You may also want to play some relaxing new age music to deepen your trance like state. You may also want to have a glass of wine to relax you even more. The crystal ball should be sitting on a stand in front of you now. You should take several deep breaths and clear the mind of all distracting thoughts. You need to put yourself into a Trance like state, similar to that of a deep meditative state. When you feel you are in that state of mind, it will be time to start Scrying. Now fix your gaze into the Crystal Ball. Stare at it the same way as when you are looking at someone, but looking thru them. Try to keep your blinking to a minimum. This is the hard part of Scrying and patience is truly needed. As you are Scrying into the crystal ball for about 5- to 10 minutes, you will start to see a haze come into the ball. For some people, you may feel as though you are going to black out. Either way, you need to stay steadfast and hold your stare into the ball. When you start to see the haze come over the ball, you will know that you are now in the proper state of mind and ready for your visions. You are now making contact with another dimension. You may see a whole scenario played out for you like a movie short. On the other hand, you may only see a few images or perhaps just one image. You may have Angelic beings show themselves to you give you a message. It could also be one of your own spirit guides or past relatives. If you see anything at all, you have had success and should be thrilled to say the least. For the most part, your visions will be brief. They will not be long and drawn out unless you have flawless astral vision and can hold a stare for a long period. Most of you will see the vision start to dissipate and the haze will be left which will very quickly fade away also. For many people will simply just snap out of it all in an instant after their vision. This is normal, so do not be upset. After you are finished, you may want to clear the room with a banishing ritual, but that is up to you. However, you will definitely want to keep a log or journal of your visions and experiences while Scrying. This is because the vision or images you are shown may not happen in your life for quite some time, if they are future visions. Therefore, you will want to be able to reference them later when they do manifest in your life. Once you are well practiced at this art of Scrying, you can ask to be shown a particular time such as the Past, Present, or Future. You can ask to be shown the outcome of a certain situation. You can ask to speak with a particular Angelic being or spirit guide. Whatever you do, do not get discouraged at first. This is not an easy occult art form. This will take some dedication and lots of practice.
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