Control your Dreams 
To control your dreams, you need to be able to pre-program your mind at bedtime. This is very similar to my Dream Recall method. Both of these methods are a form of self-hypnosis. When you lay down to sleep, keep telling yourself the things that which you wish to dream about. You can do many things that will help you in your physical “awake” state. For instance, let's say you have a physics test in school tomorrow. When you lay down to sleep, you can say… “I wish to take my physics test in my dream state”. You can have a pre-run of that test which will help you to pass it the next day in your “awake” state. You can do so many wonderful things such as, visit with a friend who has passed on to the other side. You can ask to dream about being visited by an extraterrestrial race. You can ask to dream about anything you so desire. Therefore, the bottom line here is that you only need to say, “I wish to dream about blah, blah, blah”. You fill in the blanks at the end of that sentence. Keep saying this until you fall asleep. Then comes the hard part. Once you have achieved the dream that you have chosen, you will need to learn how to wake up your mind and control the dream. Once you control the dream you can change it however you so choose. You can go anywhere you want. Let's say you are dreaming and there is a massive earthquake within the dream. All you have to do is will yourself up into then sky hovering above the chaos. Let's say in your dream that you are swimming under water and you can no longer hold your breath. You start to panic and think you are going to drown. All you have to do is tell yourself that you can breathe underwater and you will be a will to do so. This is your dream and you can choose what happens. Now how do you learn to wake the mind up and control the dream? One of the oldest and simplest methods is when you are dreaming, look at your hands and your feet. When you look at your hands in the dream, you will realize that you are dreaming and therefore you will have control over that dream. You can also preprogram your mind before sleep by telling yourself not only what you are going to dream about, but also so that you will look at your hands and feet in your dream state. This will take some practice and for some it will be easy and for others it will be a little more difficult. However, you will be able to achieve it with practice. If you only try this once or twice with no results and give up, then it is your own fault for being lazy. It would be the same as picking up a guitar a couple times and wondering why you cannot play it well yet. With everything you do in life, it takes dedication and practice to have perfection. If you so choose, you can make a recording of your voice telling you what you wish to dream about and how you will awaken within your dream and look at your hands and feet. This way, you can relax and fall asleep while the recording plays and programs your mind. There are also a few devices out there that will help with waking up during the dream state. One of them, which I have, is called “Remee” which is a sleep mask with LED lights inside of it. You wear this sleep mask at bedtime and it is programmed to turn the blinking LED lights on a couple hours after you are asleep. This will cause you to awaken in the dream state and be able to control your dreams. Once you have mastered being able to control your dreams, you will be able to apply this method in your awake state of life. Remember, that we live in a hologram, an illusion, which can be controlled and changed to our liking. This is not as easy as it sounds but it can be achieved. However, do not jump the gun. Master your dreams first. You must learn to swim in the shallow end of the pool before jumping into the deep end! Your dreams are your playground for experimentation. You can do anything you so choose in your dream life. Personally I prefer my dream life over my awake life. For those of you who claim that you do not dream much, you are wrong. You simply do not remember your dreams. I will refer you to my Dream Recall page so that you can learn to remember all the dreams you have every night.
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