Chemtrails - Death from Above 

This page is about paying attention to things around you. When it comes to life I urge you all to pay attention to detail. Although my site is dedicated to the Occult, it is also to keep you informed of the darker forces that work against you within our government. I am going to tell you about a phenomenon in the sky known as Chemtrails. It is the spraying of chemicals in the sky by our Military and Government. Now the majority of people you ask about this subject they will simply tell you that all airplanes produced the same vapor trails. This is due to their ignorance and the fact that they do not pay attention to detail. There are two types of trails that jets leave in the sky. There is Contrails and there is Chemtrails. Two completely different things. I am also informing you of this matter to show you how corrupt your government is and how they don't mind experimenting on you because they know that most of you are simply not paying attention. The governments of many countries have experimented on their own people for years. What does this all have to do with the occult? Well, our government comprised of very Dark forces which are heavily involved in the Dark side of the occult. Just as Hitler was. Let us not forget that when we defeated Hitler, we took all his Scientists and put them to work here in the US.   This Corruption is in every aspect of the Government. From NASA to the Military to Congress and all the way up to the President. This is all part of the "Control System". Keeping people in ignorance while we are nothing more than their pawns in this game of life. Therefore, what I want you to do after reading this is, pay attention to everything around you. Question that which does not seem quite right. Yes, question authority. Do not live in ignorance and bliss. First let's discuss the non threatening Contrails. Contrails are basically vapor trails like artificial clouds which are simply trails of events water vapor. They are formed from the exhaust off of the engines of jets. When the exhaust from these jets start to cool in the surrounding air they form these vapor trails of tiny water droplets. You will notice that when normal jetliners are flying in the sky they leave a small vapor trail that looks very small and dissipates aS the jet moves forward. This is one way to tell the difference between Contrails and Chemtrails. Whereas Contrails dissipate as the jet moves forward, Chemtrails make their mark across the whole sky and slowly fall towards the earth for us to breathe in these chemicals. Government officials will tell you that there is no such thing as Chemtrails. They will simply tell you that it is the high-altitude and cold air these jets are flying in that calls the production of these vapor trails. But I tell you now, I live in Florida and even on a warm day I can see the Chemtrails slowly fall close to the earth where the air is not cold. So the government can go to hell with their bull shit lies and cover-ups. Therefore, let us go into a little detail about Chemtrails. As I stated earlier, most people will tell you there is no such thing as Chemtrails and that it is simply a conspiracy theory. And as I also stated earlier, these are the people that will live in ignorance and bliss unaware of what is really going on in the world around them. Chemtrails are produced by high flying government and military jets which are spraying several different things. For one thing is for sure, they're most definitely doing weather manipulation. They have admitted to cloud seeding and China has even seeded clouds to make it snow this last year of 2009. The other which I would stake my life on is the fact that they are spraying chemicals to control the masses. Can you say mind control? And last but not least is the spraying of chemicals for population control. In other words controlling the population through disease and other things that would eventually cause the body to shut down. Yes biological and chemical experimentation on the human race. Oh let us not forget biological warfare. Yes do not think for a second that our own government would not experiment on its own people before taking it to War. Our government has done this in the past and so has the governments of many other countries. Our own military experiments on our brave men and women in uniform by injecting them with biological agents. Twisting the truth and telling them that it is to protect them from biological agents in the country that they will be fighting. Then our young men and women in uniform come home after fighting and wonder why they have all the strange abnormalities such as mental and physical problems that doctors cannot diagnose. So you see my point. Our government will do anything to serve their own needs and wants. So do not believe for a second that they would not experiment on the general public by spraying chemicals in the air. Here is a photograph of the inside of one of these Government Airplanes, showing the Tanks that hold the poisons they are spraying us with. It even shows the Trademark patent on the tanks which was filed by the CIA's Evergreen Air. Now, when you go outside look up into the air and analyze that which you see. Now for those of you who do not live near military bases, you might not see Chemtrails in your area. I myself live in the Tampa Bay area which is where the southernmost command post McDill Air Force Base resides and thus I see Chemtrails all the time. When you look up into the sky, watch the airplanes and jets and see the vapor trails coming off them. When you see a small vapor trail coming off the back of a jet and that vapor trail dissipates then you know is simply a Contrail and not a Chemtrails. This means that it is a commercial airliner. When you see the long vapor trails that do not dissipate and they go from one side of the sky to the other, then these my friend, are Chemtrails. This is the military/government spraying biological agents into the air for you to breathe. Can you say, Death from Above? Another distinguishing mark that these government jets leave is the patterns in the sky. You will notice that they mark the sky in every direction with a large "X". There are some days when I come out of my house and I will see a large X in every corner of the sky. Then I watched these large Chemtrails fall close to the earth. And when I mean close to the earth, I mean, an altitude of about 1500 to 2000 feet. So now let's take a look at some examples. In this first picture you will notice that the vapor trail is dissipating as the jet is moving through the air. This is simply a Contrail. This tells us that it is more than likely a commercial airliner. This is a Contrail These next pictures are ones that I have taken myself standing right in front of my house. You'll notice that these Chemtrails are very close to the earth. Therefore they are not as defined and are more spread out and some of them eventually turning into strange clouds. In this next picture, you shall see a close-up of a government planes spraying their biological agents into the air. Now you have seen actual pictures of Contrails and Chemtrails. I could go on and on and on about the subject. I could go into much more detail about these Chemtrails but I am only writing this page to put things in simple terms and to awaken you so that you may see "Death from Above". The United States is not the only nation that sprays the skies with biological agents. Many other countries have done and still do the same. Even in Asia there are remote parts of the continent that are close to know cities that have experienced what is known as Black death. This is because the government is simply doing flybys and spraying chemicals in the air that will delete the more native population. I know that many of you will take my words to heart and start looking up into the skies and you'll start paying attention. I also know that there will be some of you that think I'm just another wacko conspiracy theorist. Those who do not believe, you are the ones who think that one day they will find a cure for cancer. The joke is on you. Our government has had a cure for cancer for many years just as they have always had a cure for the common cold. But medicine is big business and where money is involved there will be corruption. As for cancer, the reason there will be no cure announced to the public is not just because of money, it is because it is population control. Imagine how overcrowded the world would be if there were a cure for cancer and other diseases. There will never be a perfect world. There will never be world peace. All these ideas are fantastic as they sound but they are simply pipe dreams that will never manifest. Every time we see a commercial saying that they are close to a cure for cancer and would like your donations, simply laugh knowing that you are now smarter than that. Trust me when I tell you that if some science lab technician stumbles across another new cure for cancer, the government will silence him immediately or squash him like a bug if he refuses to be silent. The same goes for those people out there that find new fuel alternatives. We see them all the time then all of a sudden you hear nothing. This is because the government steps in, gives them some money and tells him to shut their mouth and continue to live. I'm not trying to go off on a tangent here. I am simply trying to make you aware of just how corrupt the whole world is. There is no need for you to panic or to live in fear. I simply ask you to live in awareness and pay attention to detail. Pay attention to everything that goes on around you question that does not seem quite right!
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