Candle Anointing, Dressing - Magnetizing
     According to ancient Occult teachings of candle burning, candles have polarity the same as in the most smallest of atoms to the most massive properties of the Universe. It is believed that a candle can be magnetized to absorb your vibrations and desires by anointing it with the proper type of oil. This next set of rules or guidelines are for you to follow when doing Occult Rituals such as Invocations, Conjuring Angels and Demons or calling upon your Gods and Goddesses for favor. This is very important when it comes to making your Occult workings much more powerful. There is also another set of Rules for doing Candle Spells towards the end of this page as you will see. Rules for Anointing and Magnetizing a candle with oil: • Impress upon your mind thoughts of your deepest desires or wishes that will help attain a vibration that will be absorbed by a mutual inductive magnetized oil dressed candle. • Pour a few drops of oil onto the approximate center of the candle. • Now rub the oil, in one direction, from the center towards the top end of the candle. The top end of the candle is known as the polarized North Pole of the candle. • Once again, pour a few more drops of oil onto the approximate center of the candle. • Now rub the oil towards the opposite direction. That is in one direction towards the bottom end of the candle. The bottom end of the candle is known as the polarized South Pole of the candle. • To address and magnetized the candle properly it must be definitely dressed by rubbing the oil from the center outward toward each and as you see in the diagram above. Candle Spell Rules: This process described above is for candles used on your Alter and in Occult Rituals. But for Candle Spells there is another set of Rules: For things you want to go away: You do basically the same as described above. Picture yourself at the center of the candle. You need to rub the candle with the oil from the middle outward to the ends. As you are doing this you need to be thinking of the things you want to go away. Once again you see how this movement make sense and we ar pushing the oil away from us on the candle. For things you want to attract to you: In this situation you will do the opposite direct as previously described. Picture yourself at the center of the candle. You will want to rub from the outer ends of the candle toward the center of it just as if you were bringing the oil to you. As you are doing this you need to be thinking of the desires that you wish to come to you. Makes sense right? This is very easy to remember. Now many of you may ask "What type of oil should I use?" There are many oils on the market such as: Come to me Oil, Lady Luck Oil, Devils Oil, Magnet Oil, Crossing Oil, the list goes on and on. However, you really don't have to seek out these specialty oils. You can simply use Virgin Olive Oil which can be purchased at your local grocery store. If you so choose, you can make your own specialty oil by using Virgin Olive Oil and mixing in the proper Herbs. This is all very easy to do. Why spend the extra money for a tiny little bottle of specialty oil when you can make a large bottle for very little money. If you want to have your home-made specialty oil in a fancy little bottle of your desired shape and size, you can go to your local Craft store and find that which appeals to you the most. But for those of you on a budget, just use Virgin Olive Oil by itself, right out of the bottle you bought it in.
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