Some of you want to get that flame going again that you once had in your relationship or maybe bring back a lover you once had but is no longer in your arms. Here are some spells to help you get your motor running! TO RESTORE A LOVER'S AFFECTIONS Mix a pinch of your powdered fingernail clippings with red wine and then serve it to your unsuspecting lover on a night when the moon is in a waxing phase. BRING BACK A LOVER USING RETURN OIL Anoint a pink or red Image Candle of the lost one and inscribe his/her name on it. Burn the candle, and when completed, bury it in a new flower pot. Also in the flower pot place some hair, blood or nail clipping from the person you wish to bring back. Plant a sunflower. Wrap with an article of clothing belonging to the person around the pot. Water every day. As the plant grows, so will the love of the one you wish to bring back. TO WIN A LOVE WHO REJECTS YOU Make a wax doll, in his or her name or image. Scribe the name into the doll and then roast it over a small fire. As the wax melts, so will the heart of the loved one.   TO GET A LOVED ONE BACK Stick a needle through the wick of a candle. Light it, concentrate, and speak the following incantation:                                 "Needle in the flame,                                   Needle of fire,                                  Pierce his thoughts.                                  Make him writhe, agonize,                                 Till his heart turns back to me." TO BRING A LOVED ONE BACK Take his picture and with four pins, pin it facing against the back of the headboard, so the face looks "through the headboard" at the sleeper. That will fix his mind on you.              ---------------------------------------------------------------- Take his or her photograph and place it face down on a table. Place a red candle on top of it. Burn red candles on it for three hours in the evening and three hours in the morning for six days. Turn the picture face up and continue the candle burning ritual for three more days. This will bring the person back.               ---------------------------------------------------------------- Take the man's photograph and place it over the top of a small glass of water and put the glass under your bed. That will bring him back across the water to your bed.               ---------------------------------------------------------------- After sunset, write the man's name on each of four pieces of paper at the four corners of your house. Put the pieces of paper under your pillow before you go to bed. Every night for eight nights thereafter, write his name on each of four pieces of paper at each of the four corners of your house and sleep on them. He will come back.
Spells to Bring Love Back
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