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Music: Music is a big influence on people's vibrations and thought process. Music can be very brainwashing. This can be  good and this can be bad. Anyone who has studied the effects of music knows that certain types of music bring about  different types of feelings. As some music makes you feel like you are in love or that you are heartbroken and sad…  some music such as New Age music helps you get in touch with your higher self and helps to raise your vibrations. It  actually helps your auric field and strengthens it. Then you have hard rock, which once again lowers your vibrations.  Don't get me wrong… I love hard rock and always have. Although I listen to much less of it these days as I'm trying to  raise my vibrations. Ask anyone who has been to War and they will tell you that they listen to hard rock before going  into combat. Many of them listened to a band known as ”Slayer”. An excellent hard rock band they are indeed. But this  type of music brings about anger, hatred and aggression. This type of music gets you pumped up and ready for  aggression. So I totally understand the method to the madness when it comes to listening to this sort of music before  going into combat. Even when you watch commercials for the Armed Forces you will hear music by Godsmack. I have  to admit that even when I watch the commercials it makes me feel like joining and going out to shoot the enemy. I  remember when I played in a rock band for years I would listen to extreme heavy rock music before going out to play  that night. This would get me into an aggressive mood. This is because I would like to fight with people. So I know how  it affected me and how I acted in society. I have since outgrown that era of my life. So my point is that hard rock music  affects your auric field and puts you into a state of aggression and negativity as it is lowering your vibrations and  causing higher vibrating beings not to be around you. Then of course we have Rap music. So many of you may like this  music and that is fine also. But this music also lowers your vibrations and does nothing good for your auric field. It  implants images into your mind that all women are ho’s and bitches and that it is okay to treat women this way. This  music is also filled with the “N” word which many black people think it’s okay for them to say it simply because they put  the letter “A” on the end of it instead of “er”. This simply brings attention to the word thus bringing up even more racial  thoughts into the world. The use of this word in music and everyday life needs to simply go away. Therefore, you see  the effect that this music has on society by bringing about more racial tensions.  The other effect that music has on the population is that of creating false idols. You should be worshiping the  Divine Self within your own being. Instead you are worshiping Lady Gaga, Madonna or Justin Bieber. Women are the  worst when it comes to this. Sorry ladies, but this is the truth. Young women especially teens get excited and cry when  they see their idol in concert. All I can say is WTF? Therefore, you see the effect that worshiping these false idols has  upon you. If you watch old footage of the Beatles or Elvis, you will see many women crying and fainting when they see  them. These stars that you worship are simply normal people with more of a fucked of life than you or I. They are not  Celestial Gods and they need not be worshiped. Nevertheless, now you see the effect that music has on people's lives.  So now you see the affect that these types of music have on the mind and how we act in society. Thus we have a  form of brainwashing. My suggestion to you is limit your listening to most of these types of music except for that of New  Age music. If you want to attract higher vibrating beings and elemental spirits around you… then you need to be  listening to New Age or classical music. For the vibrations in these types of music is much higher as they were originally  channeled from a higher source. Whereas the other types of music were channeled from the Underworld and the Astral  Planes.  NASA: Here we have the biggest liars on the face of the earth. They release stories and pictures from outer space so that  can see the beauty of our Universe. The truth is they are brainwashing you into thinking that there is no other life out  there. They have covered up and lied about extraterrestrial contact for years. They doctor up photos so that you do not  see the extraterrestrial spacecraft in the pictures. They lied to us when they said they landed on the moon several  times. Can you say bullshit? That was all filmed in a studio and trust me when I tell you that anyone involved in this  project were threatened with their life if they ever exposed this information. They have brainwashed everyone into  thinking that the planet Mars is red. Can you say Photoshop? They don't show you the pictures of buildings and  Pyramids on Mars or the cities that were destroyed by possibly nuclear weapons. NASA knows that there was and is  life on Mars. They know that there is life on many planets. But they want to keep you brainwashed and thinking simple.  They want you to think that you are the only living beings in this Universe… just as they lie about all the UFOs that have  been seen by humans thousands of times. I myself have over 3,000 UFO pictures that I have taken personally myself. I  have also communicated with the Celestial Gods that control these Skyships. So I know firsthand that NASA is as  corrupt as you can get. They brainwash you into thinking that extraterrestrials do not exist just as the Bible brainwashes  you into thinking that you will go to hell if you do not believe in their system. Need I say more? But, at least the Bible  does reference UFO's.  The News and other Media: This consists of World News, magazines and newspapers. They are all controlled by the illuminati. You are only  shown on the news, that which they want you to be shown. They show you that in which they wish for you to believe.  Just like in war they have implanted reporters to show you the war the way they want you to see it. They are not going  to show you the atrocities that are committed. They are not going to tell you about the illuminati or any secret shadow  government. Anyone who ever points this out on the news is simply made out to be a fool or crazy.  I am sure that most of you by now know about Wiki Leaks and Julian Assange. Our media and all our government  officials are calling him a terrorist and that he has blood on his hands. This is because our government/CIA/military are  scrambling to debunk him. They do not want the world to know about their atrocities, greed and corruption. They don't  want you to know the truth of why they are really at war. They don't want you to know that war is all about funding World  Bank's and weapons builders. They don't want you to know that that war is also about “Culling” the population. So our  government works with the Swedish government to come up with some bullshit charges against Julian Assange to  accuse him of rape so that they can put him behind bars and stop him from exposing the truth. But thanks to many  hackers out there… There have been hundreds of mirror sites up and running to keep his information on exposing  corruption and greed to the public. So I must thank all you hackers out there for a job well done! I would love to shake  your hand on keeping the truth accessible. So you see this shows you how the news media works for the government  and how they want to brainwash you into thinking that this man is a terrorist. This man has never blown up anything nor  has he convinced anybody who commit acts of violence. He has only exposed the actions of greed, corruption and  murder of many governments around the world. As time moves forward you will see many others come forth exposing  the truth of the dark ones. As I told you before the time has run out for the illuminati/dark ones. More and more they will  be exposed thru other means of media other than the world news. Thanks to the Internet this information will be  exposed to the world. But as you can see our current administration is trying to implement a bill that would give our  President the ability to have a “kill switch” for the Internet. They try to say on the news that this is simply so that they  can shut down terrorist web sites. This is only partially true. Yes it is a good thing that they will be able to shut down  terrorist web sites but it also gives them the ability to shut down web sites like Wiki Leaks. They want to be able to shut  down the Internet if they have done something bad and they do not want the public to know about it. So tell me… What  makes our government any different than Iran or China when it comes to censorship? Yes we have more freedom than  those countries when it comes to speech but trust me our government is working on curbing that freedom. Their idea of  a New World order is one of totalitarianism. Do not believe for a minute that this is the work of the Democrats or the  Republicans. This is the work of both parties together as they have the same agenda behind closed doors. Everything  you see on the news is nothing more than a dog and pony show. I ask all of you out there to expose the truth when you  find it. Do not worry about the consequences. As long as you are not committing acts of violence or hatred then you  have done nothing wrong. It is not against the law to expose atrocities or acts of greed or war crimes. Stay strong,  stand tall and become a beacon of light for Mother Earth so that she may rid this planet of those who choose not to  raise their vibrations and work with the light. Of all types of brainwashing there are… The world news is also in the  worst of the worst offenders. The news is designed to make you angry and get you worked up so that your energy  levels are in sync with the darkness… therefore enslaving you to the material world. They do not expose the truth of  what goes on behind closed doors in our government. They only expose that in which they choose for you to know and  believe. The best advice I can give to all of you is to turn your god damn TV off! At least stop watching the news.  Watching your local news is not quite as bad and that will help you to know about things that are going on in your local  area but the world news is the one that you need to stop watching. It will only stir up your feelings of anger, hatred and  negativity. This messes with your own energetic field bringing your vibrations to a new low each day as you watch this  crap that they try to brainwash you with. Even networks like Fox news who is known for showing both sides of the fence  is nothing more than crap designed to get you worked up. They put a left-wing moron against the right wing moron to  argue things out. This way you think you get to hear both sides of the argument. But truly this is doing nothing more  than getting each side of the fence worked up into a frenzy of anger and hatred.  So please do yourself a favor and turn your TV off. Spend your time in a better way by meditating and asking your  higher self and higher beings to bring the truth to your conscious mind.  Now we come to magazines. Most all of you know how fake the covers of these magazines are. Simply look at  how airbrushed the faces and bodies are of these women that are on the covers of these magazines. No one looks like  that in real life. This is pure crap. I personally would rather see a woman who is made up nicely but is not airbrushed. I  want to see a real woman not something that was produced from Photoshop. They take many women who are more full  figured and make them look skinny. They take women who are already thin and make them look even skinnier. Thus  making young girls think that this is how they are supposed to look… another form of brainwashing. I will take for  example the cover of the recent Rolling Stones issue which shows the singer Katy Perry. She is a beautiful young lady  who I would give my left nut for. But they have airbrushed and altered her image to make her flawless. She is already  naturally beautiful and did not need for them to do this. But that is ok… Rolling Stone magazine… your days are  numbered. Your sales have plummeted. Who the hell wants to buy an overpriced magazine that is more like a freaking  newspaper?  There are also many magazines that use subliminal messages on the covers and in the advertisements. Hidden  words in photos that you see but your conscious mind does not pick up on them. However you subconscious mind  does. Sex is the most common word used to sell products and you won’t see the word sex… but it is there hidden. I will  soon have a whole other page on Subliminal messages.  Politics: I'm going to make this paragraph somewhat short because it could truly go on forever and ever. The truth about  politics is that we are all brainwashed into thinking that our vote counts. I am telling you the truth when I say that your  vote means absolutely nothing when it comes to voting for a President. Presidents are not elected. They are “selected”.  Yes they are selected by the illuminati according to their bloodline and they are nothing more than puppets for the  illuminati. This is why we have some brainless wonders in the White House every four years. I don't care if you're a  Clinton fan, Bush fan or an Obama fan. You need to get your head out of your ass and understand the truth on how  politics work. You must understand that Bush, Obama, Clinton and even Sarah Palin come from the same bloodline.  Their bloodline goes way back to the time of Babylon. You must truly understand this or the joke is on you.  Politics around the world are controlled by shadow governments/illuminati. Here in America we have two political  parties, the Democrats and the Republicans or left-wing/right-wing. This is nothing more than a means to pit one man  against another. It is designed to create anger and hatred towards fellow man. This is easy to see when you look at  people who get so worked up to the point of violence against someone who does not believe what they believe when it  comes to politics. This is a good reason not to ever put a political sticker on your new car unless you want to be keyed  by some asshole on the other side of the fence. I have some friends that are well studied in the occult yet they still  believe that being a conservative or liberal and only voting for one party will really make a difference. They do not  understand and they refuse to see the light when it comes to the government being controlled by a darker force.  Everyone needs to stand back and take a deep close look. Do not stand on the left… Do not stand on the right… Stand  in the middle and pay attention to what is going on. Do not hate your fellow man because he believes something  different than you and if most of you do not believe my words, that is fine also. Do some homework and study about the  Illuminati. Most mainstream people have no freaking clue of what the Illuminati is or its existence. These Democrats  and Republicans work together behind closed doors on their agenda of creating a system of totalitarianism hence the  New World Order. But the New World Order is not going to be how they so choose. There will be a New World Order  and it will be one of light and not of the darkness that our governments work with now. The government that you see in  place now is nothing more than a Satanic organization that deals in blood sacrifice and pedophilia in secret places in  the cover of darkness. They performed blood sacrifice on children in such a way to keep the entities that possess their  bodies happy. Yes most of these high government officials are possessed. They are possessed by beings of an  extraterrestrial race that want to keep us enslaved. Yes you'll never hear this type of information on the news. Even  when a newscaster had once asked President Bush about the Skull and Bones Society… Mr. Bush simply answered “I  can't tell you anything because it's a secret”.  So do not pit yourself against your fellow man. Pray that he will awaken and understand the truth about politics  and shadow governments. I myself am not some crazed conspiracy theorist. I have asked all of this information to the  Celestial Gods named Enki and Enlil. I have received most all the answers that I have asked for. So that which I am  telling you now is the information that I have received and there is much more to be told. This is not information that I  read in some book.  Religion: This is the worst of them all. Not everyone is indoctrinated into a religious system when they are young but the  majority of us have been. If you are in America then from the time you are just a wee little one you are taken to Sunday  school and church to learn about the Bible. You are immediately indoctrinated into a system of fear. You learn all the  Bible stories which are simply metaphors for something else that happened and you are taught about Heaven and Hell.  So from this very young age you are having fear installed in you. Now you will go through life thinking that if you are a  bad person and do not believe… Then you will go to Hell. You are not being taught the true message that Christ came  here to bring us. You're being taught a message of fear that was developed by the church and illuminati. Trust me when  I tell you the church and illuminati go hand-in-hand. In other countries and cultures they have their own religious  systems to bring about fear and lies. Think of the brainwashing that the extremists of Islam have put upon their young  people. Young people are very susceptible to new ideas and thoughts. You have to be completely brainwashed to think  that some God is going to reward you with virgins and rivers of wine if you just blow yourself up and kill a bunch of  innocent people. Wake the Fuck up people…! So many people go through life with these blinders on and simply do not  analyze that which they are being taught. So my point here is simply that you have been brainwashed into a belief  system and therefore you go through life thinking that this is how things are and there is nothing more. You go through  life thinking that the words of some religious book written by a human are the words of God himself. I will refer you now  to my more extensive page on the subject ” The Control System - Religion”.  What now…………..? So now I ask you all to awaken to your true higher self. Turn off your TV. Stop reading magazines. Stop playing  violent video games. Sit and meditate often. Ask your higher self to come in and show you the way and the truth. Call  upon the higher beings… The Ascended Masters and other powerful beings such as Christ, Mary, Archangel Michael,  Ganesh, Archangel Gabriel, Enlil or Enki. There are many, many Ascended Masters and beings of Light awaiting for  your call. They are waiting for you to Awaken and call for their assistance, so that you may become a Beacon of Light.  Mother Earth is awaiting for you also. There will be many Catastrophes upon this planet brought forth by Mother Earth  changing her frequencies. She does not do this out of anger. She does this out of love in order to change Earth and its  frequencies into the light. She must cleanse the earth of these dark frequencies.  Stop being a Sheep. You do not need to follow anyone. You need to awaken and follow your true intuition and  heart. It is no longer cool to be dark. Being cool will get you nowhere in the spiritual world. Even though my web site  was originally set up to show people how to do spells and the magical arts… It will now be following into showing  people true Alchemy. The Alchemy of the Self. It is not about transforming a stone into a piece of gold. It is about  transforming yourself into a higher vibrating being so that you will have access to all the multi-dimensions around you.  So that you'll have access to these Ascended Masters so that they may help you in your everyday affairs. Once you  transform yourself into a Beacon of light and raise your Vibrations, you will find that your life will go so much more  smoothly. The Universe will take care of you and make sure that you are fed and that you have a home to live in. It is  time for all of you to unplug yourself from the control system. It is time for you to no longer be the brainwashed victim  that you have been all your life. Trust me, when I tell you that I myself was once a sheep/victim of the control system. It  was not until I truly changed my life, raised my vibrations, and awakened, that I was given the Truth in most all matters.  I ask you not to act in anger or violence to those Elite who enslave you. Simply project your love towards them.  Violence will only set you backwards on the Path of Enlightenment. Go in Peace and Unconditional Love towards all  humanity. 
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