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On this page are Black Magic Spells written and submitted by other people. Double Whammy Doll Create a doll out of black fabric. Stuff it with Devils Shoestring, Red Pepper and Gofer Dust (preferably mixed with powdered snake skin). Place a photo of your intended victim, or write the true name of your intended victim, along with identifying words about them (father/mother of so and so, lives at so and so street, date of birth, etc.) and place in back of doll and sew it up with red thread. Lay the doll in a small coffin that has been “painted” with War Water. Burn a small black candle on top of the coffin, allowing the wax to melt over the coffin itself. Build a fire in a cauldron (or in a fire-safe pot) with Oregano and Poke Root and Rubbing Alcohol. Meditate the image of your victim and cast the coffin into the fire as you repeated the words below. The misery you have given is now returned. Your days are damned… As your image is burned. Hear my words as I say them well… Take your misery and GO TO HELL!!! Allow everything to burn to ashes and let cool. Gather ashes and grind them to a fine powder. Take the powdery ashes outside and blow them into the air. This is best performed during dark moon.  Submitted by Sue Curse There has been unfairness done to me I summon the elements I invoke them I conjure them to do my bidding The four watchtowers shall lay their eyes and minds there shall be fear and guilt and bad blood there shall be submission and no pity I point the threefold law against thee against thee it shall be pointed threefold, a hundred fold is the cost for my anger and pain Thee shall be blinded by the fear blinded by the pain blinded by me binded by me Cursed by me So mote it be! This curse shall be laid upon the victim while burning am image of the victim (wax sigil, photograph, drawing, anything) in the flame of a consecrated black candle. Submitted by Orion Binding by Fear Ritual This is the image of my would be victim it I hang from a single thread in a place no one shall see it will bring fear in the heart of him who shall harm me it will bring fear in the heart of him who would harm me He will be binded by fear from harming me further he will be binded by fear from harming me at all I will tie a knot in the thread when I wish to secure the fear until I break it so mote it be  Submitted by Orion Sickness of mind Spell Items needed: • A Small bag • Chicken bones (dry) • Dead flowers (really dead] • graveyard dirt (fresh) • 3 dead bees (or live) • Cat hair • Vinegar • 1 small rusty nail • photo of victim Take the bones, dirt, and flowers, add them to the bag saying this: "The dead I beg and plea help me, bring my sorrows down upon thee" Take the bees now and add them saying this: "Grasp this plea; their minds feel the sting of the bee!" Take the cat hair and add them saying this: "When all is said and done, the screech of the cat will make them run" Take the vinegar, photo, and nail add them saying this: "There now mine to add to the un-free, blast of vinegar for the unnecessary flee,  there now sick with dismay So Mote it be! Submitted by Devin of Darkness Revenge on your Ex Spell Items needed: • 1 picture of them • 1 heart shaped locket • 1 pink candle • 1 permanent marker Light the pink candle and stare into the flame for 10 seconds. Write their first and last name on the back on his picture in the permanent marker. Burn the picture in the candle and put the ashes from the picture in the locket. Put out the candle and pick up the locket. Kiss the locket for good luck and put it on. This may sound like a love spell, but that is because it is. If he/she asks you out, say no. It will break their heart! Submitted by Lady T. Tears of Vengeance Spell Items needed: • Black Candle Works best at night, but it does not matter when cast it. Light the candle before chanting: "Tears I weep, Tears that roll down my cheeks, So full of hurt and sorrow, Be turned back by tomorrow, For by the sun's rise upon the next day, My tormentor will be forced to pay, For every tear, a drop of blood, For every sob, a loss of love." Concentrate on the target for a while. When you have done thinking about them, chant: "Extinguish [name of target]'s joy as I extinguish the candle's flame." Extinguish the candle. Submitted by Mistress Amy The Black Dot of Vengeance Items needed: • 1: Sheet of paper from the bible that contains The Father of Darkness's Name • 2: Black Paint • 3: Thy Enemies Name • 1 One Candle Black Warning this spell is not to be used unless you are entirely sure that you wish to use it. This spell has harmful effects to those who cast it and use it on your enemies. In old Legend in the days of the Pirate If someone was given the black dot that was be Sac-religious and This was a great Disrespect but as always a legend can be true...This is a secret passed down from 1000 years and forgotten, This may be the first spell to surface in over a long time. How to perform the Black Dot Spell: First Take the sheet of Paper and write your enemies name onto it, After you have done so then paint a black dot onto a piece of paper and chant the following after lighting your candle. "_____ I call down the Wrath of hell upon you. By this Blasphemy, I curse you ___ In the name of the Evil. I curse you In the name of all that is unholy. I DAMN THEE FOR BETRAYING ME I DAMN THEE FOR DISGRACING ME I DAMN THEE FOR ALL THE PAIN THOU HATH CAUSED ME, SO SHALL MY WILL BE DONE! AND SO MOTE IT BE!" Blow the candle out and pour a small drop onto the middle of the black dot. Go and find your Enemies and give this paper to. Then Wrath shall befall them or place it under their bed and until it is removed or burned. Then they will suffer... so pretty much no one is going to know to burn it. Therefore, take heed to this warning. I suggest that you let them take it, then take it back and burn it after all is done and thy desire hath been met. Submitted by Thomas Divine Make someone's hair fall out Spell Items needed: • An image of the victim to be • 4 Black candles • 3 Red candles • Rue oil or Olive oil • A few strands of the hair of the person or black thread of medium thickness Make a circle in any isolated spot like your backyard or terrace. You may even perform this spell in your room. Make sure that this spell is performed only on a full moon night. Cast an imaginary circle around you. Place the image (photo or doll) of the target at the center of the imaginary circle. Then place four black candles around the circle, each one facing one direction (North, South, East, and West). You will sit facing the south. At this direction, place two red candles, one on either side of the black candle. At the northern end, place the remaining red candle. Now take the hair/thread of your target and affix it on the doll or the photo. Once this is done, pick up the red candle behind you and bow down once in each direction and seek the pardon of your deities for the action you are going to perform. Then using the same candle burn the doll or the photo starting with the hair/thread first. Once it is completely burnt, exhaust all the candles, and leave the room for the next 30 minutes. The spell will work overnight. Submitted by Gen of Air Fear Inducer Items needed: • Victim's name/pic • 5 Candles in pentagram formation • (optional) 1 Bonfire • Red marker (if you want to use the fifth one) Place the name of the victim inside of the pentagram, there are 5 ways to bring Fear to your victim. Just Your Averaged Fear: just simply place the name/pic in the pentagram and say "Dark forces, corrupt thy foe and feast on his/her fear, all his nightmares will be about me...all of the frightening tales he'll hear will be about me in his ears" the next morning when you see him/her at work, school, or just at the grocery store, he/she will look at you like you're going to strangle him/her in front of everyone. Fetal Position Fear: Slice the name/pic in fourths and place each four in the middle of the pentagram, when he sees you he won’t help curling into a fetal position. "I Wish I Was Never Born Fear: Throw the name/pic into the Bonfire and chant "Satan, Make thou soul suffer, make his/her heart jump from thy chest to throat. Make him/her be very afraid" When you even look at your victim now, you'll be most feared since slender man Scared (censored)-less: Slice the First letter of his/her name off (If pic, slice off the face) chant "Thou is no more, light be removed from this sorry excuse of a human being and darkness be placed inside of this shriveling monkey" then next day, he/she sees you, they will run as if they were running from Death. Deathly Scared Slice the pic/name into a star shape and place it in the middle, take the red marker and place a circle in the exterior. Chant "Now, Satan, It is my turn to be feared, I am true Satan. There is no divine power more divine than mine" the next day your victim will act as if he/she is staring into the eyes of the devil himself. Submitted by Tunaben O. Hypnos's Nightmare Hex Items needed: • 1 black candle(optional) • Picture of the person you want to hex Light the candle (if you don't have one just skip this step) then say this incantation 3 times while looking at the person and think of them having horrible nightmares: "Hypnos, God of dreams, Make (name of the person) dream of horrible things, For one week straight, he/she shall sleep with a nightmare, For one week straight, sleep shall be something he/she cannot bear After one week's end, Make(name of the person) well again. So Mote it Be." When you are done saying the incantation 3 times, burn the picture or rip it up then extinguish the candle. Since this is somewhat like praying to the Greek god Hypnos, it might help if you sacrifice something to him like burning some of your food. Submitted by Ameta. Knot Curse • 1 6 in Black Rope or Yarn • 1 Athame, Knife, or Scissors To be done on A New Moon. When the new moon is in the sky, start with the yarn in your left hand. Close your hand around it and visualize the pain you want caused upon the victim. Chant out loud 3X Oh goddess, as last resort, hear my cry, Make __________ feel like he/she to die. Bring him/her pain, darkness, rot his/her mind, Make him despair until the time, The cord be severed, yes, cut in two, On the day the moon again be new. Knot the cord, once in the middle and feel the pain you wish to inflict on him/her. To lift the curse, on the next new moon: Prick your finger on a needle and let a drop hit the knife you will cut the cord with. Say: With this blood I remove the spell But let __________ remember the flames of hell. With this cut, (cut the Rope at the knot) make all go away. But let the memory in his/her mind forever stay. Submitted by Theo M.
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