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Beginners - Getting Started
Puzuzu brings you a beginners guide on how to get started in Spells and Magic and use this site to help you. Click on the link in each paragraph to learn more of the subject at hand. One must Master several things before ever attempting to do Spells! One should learn how the Universe works and know thyself physically and spiritually. One should study any and all "Occult books" you can get your hands on and study all aspects of the Occult. This means that you should also study different Paths and keep and open mind. For truly all religions are tied together. Do not worry over who is right and who is wrong. The real truth is you should stay away from any religion, so that you are not locked into a belief system. The more knowledge you take in, the smarter and more powerful you will become, for the brain will grow new cells as we become more intelligent. Remember this... never stop learning, no matter how much you know.  So here we go... 1. I suggest that you study and Master my "Dream Recall". It is quite easy to learn and you will be amazed at the results. This is a must and will teach you much about yourself. It will also lead into "Astral Projection", later down the line. This should be practiced for several months, keeping a diary. 2. At this time you should also be learning to Meditate, mastering the clearing of the mind of all unwanted thoughts. If you cannot meditate then you will never be able to do Magic with any real success. Concentration is very important when doing Spells and Magic, for if you cannot concentrate on the Magic you are working, how do you expect it to work? If you do not already know how to meditate. I will be making a page on it soon. But for not, just sit and try to clear your mind of all thoughts and have total peace of mind. it is not as easy as you think. Here is a simple way to clear your mind, here is how to clear your mind, this is actually a meditation technique that I use and teach. Do your stretching and so forth, then lay down, close your eyes and picture a big trash dumpster on your mental screen. Now take all you worries, one by one such as your bills, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your enemies, your friends, your car, and everything that you think about or worry about and put them in the dumpster one by one. When you are done, close the lid and lock it! then push it off your mental screen so that you do not see it any more. 3. You now need to know "How and why Spells work" and why sometimes they don't. There are many things that come into play when doing Spells and Magic. Most of you young people think that you can just pick up a Magical book and read some words and the Spell will work. Sorry, but this is not going to happen. This comes from your watching to much TV and movies. 4. You might now want to decide what type of magic to study. There is "High Magic" and "Witchcraft" (low magic). Both contain many sub forms of Magic and the list goes on. Choose that which you think is best for you. There is no right or wrong one to choose. 5. You will definitely need to learn some form of Protection. What I mean is that you need to be protected when doing Magic. Protected from what? Well you can certainty attract bad spirits around you if you do not have protection and if you do not know what you are doing. You can learn may different rituals and you can even wear an amulet such as the right side up "Pentagram". If you want to learn High Magic, then I suggest you learn the LBRP ritual.  It will give you the utmost protection. At this time I should warn you of one thing. Do not be a "Dabbler". What is a Dabbler? You will find many of then out there and it is easy for you to fall into this trap. A Dabbler is a person who reads maybe one book on Magic and does a spell then goes around professing to be Practitioner of the Occult Arts. I have seen so many out there on the Web. Yes you little Assholes who make a Web site and claim to be a Witch or Sorcerer and post Spells that you have stolen from other sites. you do this all for attention, so that people will think you are important! Magic is a way of life, not a game. Those of you whom Dabble will only get hurt. You will attract things around you that you cannot control. Therefore, a Dabbler is someone who does not study and does spells every once and a while, with no knowledge of how spells really work. This is why one must study, study, study before doing spells. 6. Now if you have mastered the Dream Recall, then it is time to learn the "Astral Projection". There are both closely related and tie into each other, for both can be controlled. Now remember this, Astral Projection or OBE's (out of body experience) can take anywhere from weeks to years to master and you must take your time and do not give up. My method for doing this is one on many, many out there and you will find that what works for one person does not work for you. So find other books on the subject and try different methods until you find what works for you. 7. Once you have mastered most of this information, then it will be time to try your first "Spell". I suggest that you start with something very simple, such as a "Money spell" or a "Good Luck spell" or perhaps a "Protection spell" . *Stay away from the Black Magic until you have a couple years of practice and knowledge. You will only hurt yourself if it backfires on you!* There are many "Spells" to choose from on my site. Some of them are really good and some that are not so good. So you will have to try them out out see what works best for you. Remember that just because a spell does not work, does mean that it is not good. One must have practice and built up their magical power along with learning, as I mention earlier about "why, how come, and when" spells work. However, many of the spells contain parts where "Candles" are needed and one must learn how to use "Candles" and dress them properly along with knowing which colors to use. This is a must in all magical endeavors! From here out you can venture into the more intense parts of the Occult on my site. This page was to simple get you started in the right direction. Remember to do good unto others! 
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Puzuzu ® is a registered Trademark name. Copyright © Puzuzu - All rights reserved
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