The Sorcerer’s Ball of Light
Here is a simple experiment that you can try, which deals with creating an energy ball of light that will help raise your vibrations and build your body of light. In this experiment, you will learn to bring forth the light from your higher self (a.k.a. - I Am Presence). This is the same form of light that you would bring forth to use in healing (Reiki) and other spiritual/magical endeavors. This has many applications, which can be used in the Magical Occult Arts. It can even be used as a weapon for dealing with attacks from dark negative polarity entities. Start by sitting in an upright position whether it be in a chair or on the floor does not matter as long as you are comfortable. Take several deep breaths and relax your entire body. Clear your mind of all unwanted stray thoughts. When you are ready, imagine your higher self, which is a brilliant ball of white light way above your head. Put your hands in front of you with your palms facing each other to where they are approximately a few inches apart. Visualize this white light from your higher self, traveling downward like a laser beam going through your head, then through your arms, and into your hands. Now transfer that energy into a ball of light floating in between your hands. As you do this, try increasing the intensity of this ball of light and increase the size of the ball. To see if this is truly working for you, try pushing your hands slightly together. You should feel a resistance. The more you intensify the ball of light, the more resistance you should feel. It should feel almost as if you were trying to put together two same polarities of a magnet, which would be resisting each other. Keep working with this ball of light for about 5 minutes. You should also start feeling some heat from this ball of light energy that you have created. When you are done, you may simply dissipate the ball of light or you can take it a step farther. I suggest that you do not waste the light energy ball that you have created. To take it to the next level, take the ball of light and hold above your head. Then push the ball of light into the top of your head, letting it absorb into your body. Visualize this light permeating every aspect of your body. Then imagine your whole body glowing like a bright ball of light. This will strengthen your aura and help build your body of light. You can practice this every day to where you get better and better and are able to build much more powerful balls of white light. This will also help to increase your vibratory frequency, which will assist you on your path of ascension. This method can even be taken a step farther than previously stated. Instead of absorbing the ball of light into your body, you can take this ball of light energy and send it out into the universe to gather information, which will be brought back to you. When doing so, you must state your true intentions precisely. Be forewarned that this energy of light also acts as a thought form, which can go forth and gather other energies, thus building a life of its own. Yes, this energy form that you have created can become an entity itself. This is the case with many mythological creatures that actually came to life because so many people gave them life through the process of thought forms. For example… The entity known as Cthulhu did not actually exist. However, he does exist now. For he has come to life through so many people using their own thought process thinking he was real. Therefore, all of their thousands of thought forms created a collective energy to create this entity known as Cthulhu into reality. So you see, these energy/thought forms can sometimes get out of hand and become uncontrollable. Therefore, I suggest you do not attempt this part of the procedure into you are more spiritually advanced.
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