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Astral Projection, also known as astral Travel or OBE (out of body experience). Don't you want to know what the other side will be like? We all leave our physical bodies when we go to sleep at night. You may have thought you were dreaming when actually you out of body traveling 'round the astral planes. For instance, if you were dreaming in full- blown color and maybe flying or falling. In these scenarios you would be actually be astral projecting. You can learn to consciously leave the body by using my porthole device or you can use my dream control method, or maybe this method here. Just so you know... there are many different methods to induce an out of body experience. There is no best method. The best method is whatever works best for you. Here is one simple method that is easy to learn. 1. Simply lay down with the lights off. Make sure you are completely relaxed. Lie there and be quite and still, calm and clear your mind.   2. Imagine your astral body, which may look like gray matter, shaped in the form of your body. Imagine it lifting and floating out of your body, floating up to the ceiling in your room.   3. Turn and look down and try to see you body lying there. If you are successful, you may want to stay in the room and float around a bit, staying close to the body. Alternatively, you can choose to walk through walls and travel to where ever you wish to go. You can fly there or you can will yourself there instantly.   Here are some pointers...  ***Watch what you think. Everything you think can manifest on the astral planes. So you don't want to be thinking about anything evil or you will attract it!  ***Any time you think you are scared and or lost, just think of your body and you will be back in it in a flash. ***Ever notice that when you are falling in a dream and you hit the bottom you always wake up quickly? That is your astral body snapping back into place. ***The use of drugs can lower your vibrations meaning you will not be able to travel to higher astral planes where the vibrations are higher. ***The reason you will want to travel higher on the astral planes is that you may have to escape an attack by a lower vibrating entity. They cannot travel to the higher planes. The Dream Control Method... Learn to realize you are having an out of body experience through dream control! First you will want to study my dream control methods on my Dream Recall page! Then when you have become successful with that part of dream control , you will be ready for this part... You need to advance your dream techniques to where you realize that you are dreaming so that you can control the dream. Once you realize that you are dreaming you will find that you can control where you want to go and what you want to do. Now I am talking about when you have a dream that is in full blown color. Those type of dreams usually mean that your are actually out of body. You see when people go to sleep at night their astral bodies leave and float around the astral planes in a dreamy state or gathering energy. Sometimes you may be learning things from other higher beings and eventually it is released in your conscious state later on when these beings think the time is right. You just have to become conscious of all this. Remember dreams that are in black and white are usually just plain dreams. They can be controlled too but you are going to get the best results with the ones in full color. Here are your key pointers... *** Work with dreams that are in full blown color. *** You must learn to become conscious during the dream. *** Try to take control of the dream and go where you wish. *** Remember to keep a diary of every experience. Try the... Astral Accelerator Portal Device
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