List of Astral Colors for Candles 
Below is a list that gives you all the information you need to get the proper color candles for yourself and your victim. When doing Candle Magic you need to know what color the candle that will represent you would be and what color the candle would be that will represent your victim. All you need to know is your Birth/Zodiac sign and that of your victim. To make it easier for you, this list  gives you the birth dates of each sign. The Primary color is the what you need to look for when purchasing candles. If you can't find that certain color candle you are looking for then you can use the Secondary color. If you ever go shopping for candles you will see that Black, Brown and Gold candles are very hard to find, unless you know where to look, such as your Occult shops. Not everyone has Occult shops in their town. So you can also try looking at your local Craft Shop as the ye usually carry many different color candles. Therefore, now you can refer to this list whenever doing Magic that involves candles. The 1st color listed for each zodiac sign is the primary color. The 2nd color is the secondary color.
***It may be wise to stock up on the hard to find candles once you do find them.
Aquarius - Jan 20-Feb 18 - Blue - Green Pisces - Feb 19-March 20 - White - Green Aries - March 21-April 19 - White - Pink Taurus - April 20-May 20 - Red - Yellow Gemini - May 21-June 21- Red - Blue Cancer - June 22-July 22 - Green - Brown Leo - July 23-August 22 - Red - Green Virgo - Aug 23-Sept 22 - Gold - Black Libra - Sept 23-Oct 22 - Black - Blue Scorpio - Oct 23-Nov 21 - Brown - Black Sagittarius - Nov 22-Dec 21 - Gold - Red Capricorn - Dec 22-Jan 19 - Red - Brown
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