Are you Blessed...?
Many people go through life bitching and complaining about what they do not have as far as materialistic things. They curse at their God" for not giving them luxury and a large bank account. The majority of people out there, who are not wealthy, are guilty of doing this. Myself included is guilty of this act of thinking that the universe or God owes me something. However, it took me many years to change my thought process on this matter and after reading this, hopefully you will have a change of heart as well. If you are reading this, then you more than likely have a computer, tablet, or a cell phone in order to view it. And more than likely you are not living under a bridge or standing on a corner each day with a sign that you for money. If you have a job, a roof over your head, food in your refrigerator, a computer, tablet, and or a cell phone… Then you are truly blessed. You may not be living in a mansion and have a six-figure income, but if you have all the things I mentioned previously, then you should be grateful that the universe has provided these things for you. When you are ungrateful, the universe tends to give you less and less the more you complain. However, if you are grateful, if it does not mean the universe will make you rich. The universe will provide for you if you are grateful and realize that you are blessed with that which you have already been given. Take time to sit back and think about that which you do have right now. Think about the lives of other people in other parts of the world are living in complete poverty and having to drink and bathe in contaminated water. Yes, many people truly are not blessed in this life. Think about those who are born into war-torn countries that are in a constant state of chaos. Think about those who are born with a horrible disease or affliction. Think about those who live in Ethiopia who never sat down to a table and feasted upon a four-course meal. These people have gotten the shitty end of the stick in this life. This may be due to Karma or they may have volunteered for extreme life lessons to be learned in this incarnation. If you sit and truly ponder upon these things, and you have a rational mind, you will realize that you truly are blessed. Remember, when you bitch and complain about your life and what you do not have, you bring more of the negative polarity into your life. Thus, attracting unwanted parasitic energies/psychic vampires that will feed off your negative energies. These energies will also sway you to stay in that negative mode so that they can continue to use you as the host for these negative energies that you so much like to spew forth. Here is how you should remedy this situation as I did in my life. Each day, I start my morning working with my chakras and reciting my "positive" mantras. At the end of reciting my mantras, I thank the universe for all that I have, and declare that I am truly blessed. Since I have been doing this, my energies have changed dramatically. My vibrational frequency has risen considerably. I am a much happier person now in my life knowing that the universe provides for me. This has taken me several steps closer to my process of dimensional shifting known as Ascension. Therefore, if you want to be happy in life, take my words to heart and change your way of thinking. Remember…. that which you think, you attract and create…!
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