3 Legged Frog - The Mystical Creature  Chan Chu
He is also known as a 3 legged Prosperity Frog. Some also call him the Moon Frog. To the Chinese he is regarded as a most favorable sign, for he is known to bring Fortune and Prosperity. The legend states that in the 10th Century there was a man named as Lui Hai who was the Minister of State. He was said to be in possession of a three-legged frog. This frog had the ability to transport Lui Hai to anyplace he desired to go in an instant. But this frog had a thirst for Water and Gold. Many times this frog would escape down a well or a drink of water. To recapture the frog, all Lui Hai had to do was string a line of Gold Coins as bait for the frog and of course the gold hungry frog would always take the bait and return. In this first picture you will see a statue of Lui Hai with his three-legged frog sitting upon his lap. In this next picture you will see a small statue of the 3 legged Frog with a Gold Coin in his mouth. Now for placement of the three-legged frog. It is said that you should place him within your living room. You may also place him in numbers of three statues, six or nine. Do not face them toward your door or he may escape and not return to you. But truly the best place for him is wherever your money is to be made. For me, I have him near my computer. For those of you who own a business, you can place him near your cash register. Just do not place him in parts of your house where money is not made. Another way for you to display him and to bring you wealth and prosperity is to set a plate or dish with coins and it. Then place your three-legged frog on top of the coins. This way you will be very happy and it will represent that which you desire which is money! Now you're probably asking where do I find one of these three-legged frog statues? Well you will more than likely find them at a store that sells Chinese items and so forth, or you can check your local Metaphysical store and they might possibly carry them. For those of you who cannot find one locally, you can find them right here...
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