Love Spell Needed for this spell is a Red Candle and a Crystal. Light the Red Candle. Meditate for a few moments on your desires while holding the Crystal. Then recite these Words... I call on forces higher then I, To awaken the dreams that I hold in inside Through this connection that knows my need I ask for love's enchantment with all speed. May this work for me in the most correct way attracting the love I need today.... I call on thee in perfect love & trust working with me sending what’s just... Harming none and helping all is how it Shall be This I make true 3x3x3. This spell is bested begun when the moon is waxing, but if you cannot wait that long go ahead and do it. Take a photo of your lover and a photo of yourself. z Using a paper clip, hook the photos together so that the faces are on top of each other. The idea is that the person cannot see past your face. Take the photos and place them at the bottom of your underwear drawer. The person should soon write, call, or reappear. Love Spell You will need: A sampler size of your favourite scent A pink candle First carve a heart in your candle with a tack or toothpick. Light the candle in a window where it will receive moonlight (full moon light is best). Put the scent container in front of the candle and say: Venus, grant me the love that I lack; Through this scent, my mate attract! Let the candle burn out naturally, then carry the scent with you, spraying on a little whenever you are out or may be meeting people. Increase the power of the magic by repeating the invocation as you put on the scent! A Fairy Love Spell #1 "Fairy dust with Magickal wind send the Fates to do as I bid. Bring us together with love and trust. Make it his/her will, this you must for if it is so and we cannot be, then make us friends eternally. By the powers of the universe and the spirits that guide me I send this out to the universe to do as it will. So Be it!" A Fairy Love Spell #2 A charred stick (found or made) Dried rose petals Piece of red or parchment paper Fire or Red Candle & Heatproof container Using the charred part of the stick as you would a pencil, draw two inter-linked hearts on paper as you visualize yourself enjoying a satisfying relationship. Draw with power. Hold the rose petals in your projective hand & send fiery (lusty) loving energies into them. Sprinkle the petals over the linked hearts. Do this with as much power and intent as possible. Fold the papers corners in towards you to the centre of the paper as you turn the paper clockwise with the petals inside. You should have a smaller version of your rectangle when you are done. Still visualizing, throw the package into a fire or light it in the flame of a red candle & throw into a heat proof container. As it burns, the power is released. You are done. You may carry the ashes with you in a small vial or pouch if you desire until you find that special someone. A Love Spell You will need: l pink candle, 1 white candle, Cinnamon, And a moonstone (optional) Charge the candles with love. Hold them in your hands and pour loving energies into them. Don't picture a certain person, just see yourself happy and with somebody. Place the candles on the alter, the pink one to the left and the white one to the right. Cast a circle and light the candles. If you have a moonstone, place it on the alter between the two candles. Invite the Goddess to join you, if you haven’t already done so, for you will be needing Her help. Next, sprinkle the cinnamon in a figure-eight pattern around the two candles. As you sprinkle the cinnamon, speak these words aloud: "Oh, Great Goddess of the light, Bring me happiness, true and bright! May a new love so true come to me! As I will it, so mote it be!" Thank the Goddess and close the circle. Either let the candles burn out, or snuff them out. A Love Bell Spell Hang up a bell with a pleasant ring in a window which remains open for a good part of each day, and through which the wind blows (preferable the West wind). As you do so, speak these words: "Little bell of love, I hang you to whisper my need for love on the breezes and winds. Little bell of love, Speak of my need for love to your brothers and sisters. Little bell of love, I ask you to speak softly and draw to me someone who listens." Every time the bell rings, it is "whispering" of your need for love. (The brothers and sisters are other bells who will add their own power to the spell.) Mermaids Love Spell You need to live near a body of water for this spell (like an ocean, sea or great lake). You might also like to incorporate the following ingredients which are sacred to Mermaids: sea salt, Sea Weed, Coral, Sea Shells, Sand, Natural Glass. You may also use the following herbs in your spell: * Irish Moss (Sea Weed) [Neptune]: To bring Mermaid's magick to your spells; for a beautiful voice. * Usnea (looks similat to Spanish Moss)[Neptune, Venus & The Moon]: Sets your magick afloat on the nearest ocean wave & brings Mermaids to do your magick for you. * Water Lily [Neptune]: Use to attune yourself with the Undine. Set a couple light blue & light green candles on your altar & anoint them with a Mermaid Oil, here's a recipe: * 2 drams Hazelnut Oil * 1 pinch of sea weed (Irish Moss) * 1 pinch of sea salt * 1 pebble * 1 sea shell Warm all ingredients, remove from heat & let cool. Pour into small bottles or jars. Smolder a Mermaid Incense of some kind, if you have one. Write a love letter to an imagined lover or a love poem describing what you want or a letter asking the Universe for Love, etc... on a piece if parchment, and smudge it in the incense asking the Merrow (Mermaids) to carry your message to a lover that is perfect for you. Scroll the message up and bind it with a pretty ribbon or Witch's Cord knotted with small shells or red feather or some other talisman to protect it and carry it. Place it in a green or blue bottle. Cork it. You might like to seal the cork with blue or green wax. Then bless the bottle. And, take it to a beach that looks out upon the ocean. And, say a chant or calling to the Merrow. First, throw into the water an offering of some king, like a silver ring or something. Now, throw your bottle into the water & trust that the Mermaids will float your message to your lover. Check the coast of the beach for a response to your letter- another message in a bottle. There are actually several stories of couples meeting this way! And, they have lived their whole lives together! A Ribbon Attraction Spell You will need a pink ribbon, a mirror, some honey, pen, paper, and a candle. Burn some sweet smelling incense...heather or violet is perfect for this. Pass the ribbon through the smoke three times saying: "Ribbon be thou the bearer of love. Ribbon be thou the bearer of happiness." Now put a dab of honey on the ribbon and then on your tongue. As you taste the honey, say: "Honey, bring me the sweetness of love." Repeat three times. Now hold up the mirror and look into it. See yourself reflected there. Now say this three times: "I am Goddess and Goddess is me. She is beautiful. So Mote It Be." Now dab a bit of honey on the candle and wrap the ribbon around it. Hold it between your hands as you say (again three times) "From ribbon to candle The magic shall go From candle to astral The flame makes it so." Remove the ribbon and light the candle. Let the candle burn down. While it is burning you will be writing what you want in a partner on a piece of paper. Be specific...say "likes kittens but hates frogs" if that is what you want. Don't specify any person. It will backfire badly. When you have finished your list (and you can make mistakes and scratch out or start over), fold the list three times. Tie it up with the pink ribbon. Snuff out the candle if it is still burning. Put the list between your mattress and your box springs. Each night for the next week you must look at yourself in the mirror and repeat the mirror charm. "I am Goddess and Goddess is me. She is beautiful. So Mote It Be." At the end of the week, you can stop the mirror charm or continue it. That is your choice. Your spell will bring you love within 7 weeks. A Sea Love Spell A spell to bring love to you. On a Friday night at high tide, take an apple and some cloves to the ocean. On the beach, stud the apple with the cloves, marking out the rune of love 3X's. Now hold the apple in your power hand (the hand that you write with) and infuse it with your desire for love, saying these words or something similar... "Apple of love, cloves of fire, This is my need, my desire. With harm to none, As I will it, So shall it be done." Throw the apple as far out into the sea as you are able. So shall it be. A Seduction Spell Needed: A red candle Piece of red or pink paper Red Ink pen or Doves Blood Ink Light the Red candle. On the paper write your full name. Under your name write the person's name you are attracted to, their birthday then your own. Draw a heart around the information then write the names and birthdays again directly on top of the heart. Do this 3 times. Don't worry if it looks like scribble. Fold the paper small and burn it in the flame of the candle. As it burns say... "Light the flame bright, the fire Red is the color of desire. " Repeat 3 times. This must be done each night for 9 consecutive nights. A Simple Love Charm Put the following things in a drawstring bag: 1 Rose Quartz, 1 Pink Feather, and 1/5 Cup of Clove. Get one pink candle to burn while your chanting the spell. Now light the candle and chant the following words "Love shall come to me by the powers of three, by my will so shall it be!" At this time anoint the bag with holy water and say, "The bag is sealed and the charm is made." A spell to draw two people closer together. Take two pink petals from a Rose. Write on one the male lover, and on the other petal the female lover (or if gay write the different names on the two petals as above). Take an apple, and slice it through, so that you can clearly see the five-pointed Pentagram of the seed capsules. Take the two Rose petals and putting them together, place them on the bottom half of the apple. Place the top half of the apple on to the petals so that the apple is whole again. Now tie a red cord first one way across the apple binding the two halves together saying: “I bind this man to this woman until the Goddess deems otherwise.” Now tie a green cord ninety degrees from the red cord and say: “I bind this woman to this man until the Goddess deems otherwise.” These words can be set in rhyme (which makes the spell stronger) and helps you not to forget it. Now place the apple in a dry cupboard, where it won't be disturbed such as a wardrobe or something similar. Each full Moon, bring the apple out (unobserved by anyone) and place in the full rays of the Moon for at least an hour, then put the apple back where you had put it first. You may say something whilst it is in the Moon's Light to aid the spell of attraction and binding of the two souls. A Tarot Spell to Attract Love The cards are laid out in a stair step going down. Perform this spell if you are yearning for a great love to enter your life. This spell calls upon arcane forces to bring the ideal man or woman to you. The first card in the layout is THE STAR, showing powerful, unseen, and fateful forces opening channels to bring your ideal lover to you. The KNIGHT OF CUPS represents a person who brings love into your life, who involves you in an affair - the proverbial "knight in shining armor". According to some Tarot experts, the knight can represent either a male or a female. However, if you're calling for an ideal woman and are uncomfortable with the KNIGHT, then substitute THE HIGH PRIESTESS, THE EMPRESS, or one of the QUEENS. In fact, if you have a very idea of what you want your ideal man or woman to be, put any card you feel best represents your ideal mate in this position. THE LOVERS here uses it's literal meaning (the third card). As accessories for this spell, obtain thirteen red candles (do not light these candles until instructed to, later in the spell). If you wish to use other accessories, include additional candles, flowers, crystals and gemstones, and cloth to lay the cards upon, in shades of red, the color of human love, or white, representing pure psychic energy. Perform the spell at night before going to bed. Do the following : When ready, lay out the cards. First set THE STAR in place. After you have done so, spread out your arms and say: "I call upon all good spirits! I call upon all karmic forces! I call upon the wide-ruling powers! Make smooth the way, that my love may be brought to me!" Think about your desire to enlist forces in helping you to find a true love, a soul mate. Next, set down THE KNIGHT OF CUPS. Think about what you want in the ideal man or woman. Finally, set THE LOVERS in place. Spend some time daydreaming about the sort of romantic adventures you would like to have. When your visualizations are complete, take the thirteen red candles and use them to make a circle around your card layout. Light each candle, and then, with as much feeling as you can, recite the following affirmation. "I call for love, and love comes to me guided by the light of my flames. Whether it be from near or from far, My love is drawn to me. I give love, I receive love. Our love is passionate, our love is intense as flame. Our love is long and lasting. As I desire, so I have love, and so shall it be!" You may close the spell at this point by putting out the candles and putting away the cards or as desired. A White Candle Ritual to Attract Love Get a white candle that will burn down in due time. You will have to inscribe it (see below), so it should be bigger than a birthday candle, and you will also have to watch it burn down to nothing (see below), so it should not be a 24 hour votive light. A plain white altar candle or, better yet, a white "bride and groom" figural candle, will be right. Prepare an altar and decorate it with those things precious to you and to the one you love. Using a rose thorn from a white rose bush, inscribe the words "All my love come to me" 3 times on the candle. Place the inscribed candle in the center of the altar and light it. For the entire time the candle burns, gaze upon it and visualize your love coming to you in nakedness and beauty. When the candle burns out, collect the wax puddle that remains, wrap it up with the mementoes from the altar and keep it in a safe place. The result of this spell will not be "zombie" or "victim" thrall-love; but you will receive ALL the love that person has for you -- which may be less than, as much as, or more than the love you have for him. Accept the degree of love you receive with grace and tenderness. If at some future time you no longer wish to receive that man's love, dispose of the wax puddle in a simple ceremonial way. Depending on your mood, it can be burned on a fire, buried, thrown into running water, mailed to him, ground to shavings and baked into a cake - or whatever you feel is appropriate. But it is your responsibility to dispose of it if you no longer want to be loved in any degree by that man. Adoration Candle Magick Love Spell On your altar, place two red candles at either end. Before doing this, rub the two candles with rose essential oil. Again, on Friday, the day of the week devoted to the Goddess Aphrodite, perform this task to attract your beloved. Write your name on one candle, and your beloved's on the other. If you do not know his or her name, simply write "my beloved" or "my true love". Again try to use language that will ensure positive magic. If you simply write "handsome" you may well end up with someone gorgeous, but who is harmful for you in some other way. Each evening at seven, light the candles and move them slightly closer together. Carve into your candle a word of special significance to you, perhaps taken from your insights when you performed the wishful thinking task. Perhaps the word "devoted" should be carved into your beloved's candle. On your own, write the same. Meditate on this quality for several minutes, then snuff out the candles. Repeat this for seven nights, using a different quality each time, until on the seventh, the following Friday, both candles are finally standing as close together as possible. Light them and let them burn down and out. If any wax remains, scatter it before you as you walk through a beautiful place, wishing it to bring good fortune to others hoping for love. Aphrodite Love Charm Assemble materials and cast a circle on the appropriate and hour day. Light an red candle and burn Venus incense. Cut a circle out of red or rose-pink cloth (orange, green or white could also be appropriate). Fill it with a mixture of any of the following herbs and oils: acacia flowers, myrtle, rose petals or buds, jasmine flowers, lavender, cloves, rosemary, cinnamon, olive oil, basil, mint, patchouli, musk, honeysuckle. Add a red felt heart and a copper coin. Write in tiny letters on a small piece of paper: "Aphrodite of the sea, Send my true love to me" Place it in the charm. Charge it with the four elements. Imbue it with your desires and visualizations. Ground the energy and relax. Bind the charm by tying it with a blue thread in seven knots. Open the circle. Aradia Love Spell You can bring your lover to you by asking the Italian Fairy Queen, Diana to call upon her daughter, Aradia for aid. Choose the first Thursday following a New Moon and plan to stay awake all night to think only of your lover. At dawn on Friday, call your beloved to you when the Moon is still visible and the Sun is just rising, saying: "Good and beautiful Diana, I have faithfully worshiped you; now help me! Call your daughter Aradia and send her to fetch my love to me. Fill our souls with the joy of lovemaking. Thank you great Fairy Queen and fair Aradia." Dogs are sacred to Diana, so if the tryst must be kept a secret, your lover may come disguised as a dog, shape-shifting into human form only when you are alone. Attract the Perfect Lover Spell Timing: Perform on a Friday during the waxing moon. Supplies: 6 rose petals 1 teaspoon of lavender 1 teaspoon of cinnamon a rose quartz 6-inch square of pink cloth green ribbon (floss or yarn will do) an inch of red ribbon needle and thread a penny Place the petals, rose quartz, lavender, cinnamon, red ribbon, and penny in the center of the cloth square. Gather the edges of the fabric together and hold the pouch close to your heart. Then say: "Venus, Queen of love, divine Bring the love to me that's mine. Perfect, he (she) and perfect, me Together we are meant to be. Venus, Queen of love, so warm Bring my love to me, without harm. Let nothing keep us now apart, Bring perfect love to fill my heart." Still holding the pouch against your heart, fill it with loving energy. Secure the pouch with the green ribbon to seal the spell. Carry it on your person and sleep with it under your pillow. When the lover comes to you, bury the pouch under a tree. Attract-A-Mate-Spell There are many spells to help attract love. This one is especially easy to perform. To start, you’ll need a bottle of your favorite scent and a pink candle. Carve a heart in the candle using a pin or toothpick. Light the candle in a window where it will receive moonlight from a Full Moon. Place the scent bottle in front of the candle, and say: "Grant to me the love I lack; through this scent, my mate attract!" Let the candle burn out naturally, then carry the scent with you at all times. You may dab a little on when you are out socializing. Increase the power of the magic by repeating the invocation every time you put on the scent. by Chandra Beal Attracting Love Spell To attract love you need one pink candle, one teaspoon of ground almonds (happiness), one teaspoon of rose water (to represent love). On a night leading up the full moon, light the candle and relax. Sprinkle the almonds and rose water around the base of the candle and say the following: "Candle pink, warn with fire, bring to me the love I desire. With these almonds around the flame, Cupid's arrow will take aim. With this scent of fragrant rose, I bring this love spell to a close." Gaze into the flame for a moment. You may see an image of your new love. Let the candle burn out. Wait at least one lunar month before repeating. Attraction Bath Spell This spell is designed to draw a variety of people to you, so you can more easily find a suitable mate. To start, light a red candle and soak in a bathtub with red rose petals. If you are a woman, add cinnamon or vanilla to the water; a man, jasmine or patchouli. Dress yourself in red clothing and stand before a mirror. Light red candles in front of the mirror, and say: "I call on the gifts of Aphrodite, I call on the gifts of Pan - Make me attractive and lovely, Make me a more beautiful woman (or man). So mote it be." Gaze at yourself in the mirror, and picture an aura around your body that causes people to turn their heads and look at you. by Diana Rajchel Attraction Poppet or Figure Needed: A rock Red candle Lighter Bed sheet Barbie or Ken-like doll or pink poppet A cup Rubber band Target's picture A pink cloth Shoe box Black magick marker Find a quiet place where you can turn out all the lights and be undisturbed. Get a bed sheet and make a circle out of it by tying the ends together. Take some salt and trace a triangle with the apex to the circle on a flat surface, like card board over carpet. Place a rock at the base of the triangle and place a candle at the apex. Light it and step into the circle. Sit down in it. Take the figure/poppet and fasten his picture to it with a rubber band or place inside the poppet. Hold the figure/poppet. Trace a unicursal hexagram clockwise beginning in the upper left corner with the cup. Visualize lines, the color pink. Then say this: "Jupiter, I summon they to aid me in this rite, to empower me with what I need." Take the pink cloth and sign your name. Then sign: "Jupiter". (If you know Automatic Handwriting, have the spirit sign the cloth.) Then take the cloth and wrap the action figure or poppet in it and place it all in the shoe box. Thank the spirit from Jupiter and license it to depart by tracing the hexagram counterclockwise at the same upper left point and say: "So be it." Put the shoebox in a safe place where it will not be disturbed. Attraction Spell #1 Light an orange candle, then take a small seashell and pass it three times through the flame. As you do this, say this each time you go through the flame: "By the power of three, So make it be." Take a handful of cinnamon and using a spoon and bowl, mix it with dried and crushed red rose petals. Sprinkle the shell with some of the mixture and imagine yourself attracting many different people. Take the rest of the mixture and toss it into the wind to carry your request to the God and Goddess. Then carry the shell with you in a pocket or purse at all times.
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